All My Beasts are Legendary - Chapter 247

Chapter 247: The Big Dream Sleeping Rock’s Level-Up and Its Dreadful Strength

“Has the Big Dream Sleeping Rock leveled up?”

Standing on the back of the clone of the Tyrannosaurus, Ye Xuan was feeling the buzzes coming from the Big Dream Sleeping Rock’s World of Dreams.

His face beamed. He shifted his consciousness into the Big Dream Sleeping Rock’s World of Dreams.


When Ye Xuan’s consciousness had been shifted into the Big Dream Sleeping Rock’s World of Dreams.

He saw this world was expanding rapidly. Every change there was visible.

This expansion was different from all of the past ones of Ye Xuan’s Beast Lairs.

Because this time, the Big Dream Sleeping Rock did not level up immediately when Ye Xuan had fed it with the Tear of Dream.

Instead, it had been sound asleep ever since then.

While sleeping, the countless Shadows of Dreams in the World of Dreams were flowing into its body.

These Shadows of Dreams flowing into its body were no longer all kinds of vehicles like last time.

Instead, they were all kinds of female dragons in a giant valley of dragons, which were roaring and dashing toward it after having seen it.

Female dragons!

Female dragons!

There were all kinds of female dragons! And there were only female dragons!

Ye Xuan was completely dumbfounded.

He wondered what the Big Dream Sleeping Rock was dreaming.

He felt there was something very wrong about this dude.

It was usually very silent, but it was totally different at this moment.

The Big Dream Sleeping Rock was not so well-behaved as it usually seemed, maybe?

While these female dragons were dashing toward it.

And entering its body.

Its energy soared all of a sudden when Ye Xuan had shifted his consciousness to it.

Its energy literally soared.

The Big Dream Sleeping Rock achieved the intermediate Silver level from the low Silver level, and then from the intermediate Silver level, it achieved the high Silver level.

Then it finally achieved the peak Silver level. It was a soar of that kind that we are talking about.

[Big Dream Sleeping Rock: Four Stars

Beast Level: Silver (Peak)

Ability 1: One Thousand Year Big Dream

Ability 2: Big Dream Future Image

(The Big Dream Sleeping Rock can exert the Big Dream Future Image to get the strength of the most powerful creature it has dreamed of and can transform into.

And it can transform into the same look as that creature.

In the current stage, its Big Dream Future Image can achieve the high Gold level at most, but this effect can only last three seconds.

At the same time, restricted by its grade, it can only get the strength of four-star Gold-level species.

But it cannot get the strength of five-star Gold-level species.

Things work the same way if it tries to get the strength of species that have achieved the intermediate Gold level or the low Gold level after it exerts the Big Dream Future Image.

But depending on the level, this effect can only last ten seconds or thirty seconds.)

Ability 3: Big Dream Sleeping Rock Aspect]

Ye Xuan identified the Big Dream Sleeping Rock’s attributes in an instant after its level-up.

Compared to the Big Dream Sleeping Rock on the peak Bronze level, its abilities weakened.

It could get the strength of five-star Silver-level creatures when it was on the peak Bronze level.

But it was still solid for Ye Xuan in the current stage.

After all, he had not run into even one five-star Gold-level monster in this sea area by then.

More than that, all of the Gold-level monsters he had run into were on the low Gold level.

In such circumstances, the Big Dream Sleeping Rock, which could exert the four-star Gold-level strength for three seconds, was certainly extremely dreadful.

The mere thought of it already excited Ye Xuan.

“Time to go to that island!”

Looking into the distance from the back of the Tyrannosaurus, Ye Xuan seemed confident.

It had been a long time since the last Gold-level monster had come to provoke him in this sea. He was quite frustrated about that.

He chose to go through the high-profile trial because it was claimed that Gold-level monsters would come to him frequently.

But where were those supposed Gold-level monsters?

Where are you?

Why don’t you come?

Thinking of that, Ye Xuan felt he was in great need of a monster on the Gold level. Then he maneuvered the Tyrannosaurus to travel right away.

He headed for the place the Harp Melody woman had told him about directly.

With the Big Dream Sleeping Rock that had leveled up, he felt very confident.

“It’s here!”

A few minutes after Ye Xuan had left.

A group of hundreds of people came in a rush from far away. They arrived at where Ye Xuan had lingered briefly.

“It’s here. He showed up here not long ago. I can detect his smell here!”

A Beast Tamer from the Silver Blood Clan said with a gleam in his eyes. There was a weird-looking wolf without fur following him. He had made it smell around when they had arrived here.

“Let’s go. Let’s go on traveling in this direction. Only half a minute to go to the end of these fifteen minutes. His coordinate will be published again.”

“I bet he has no idea that we have been following him. This time he absolutely won’t be able to escape!”

The Beast Tamers from various clans were all extremely excited.

They were closer and closer to Ye Xuan.

Unlike earlier, they were running around like a headless chicken.

At the same time.

Somewhere else in this sea.

Seeing the Thunderous Mechanical Gear getting bigger and bigger in front of him, Primo from the Silver Blood Planet was very excited.

He had waited for a long time. By then, his Thunderous Mechanical Gear was finally going to achieve the Gold level.

The Gold level and the Silver level were completely different.

He had no idea how Ye Xuan had killed Gold-level monsters.

But he believed when his Thunderous Mechanical Gear achieved the Gold level.

He would need to find some helpers to deal with Ye Xuan. He was sure he would absolutely kill Ye Xuan by then as long as they met.

“I only wonder whether my Mechanical Affinity talent can help the Thunderous Mechanical Gear keep its five-star grade after it achieves the Gold level.”

A hopeful look flashed across his face.

His Mechanical Affinity talent could help his Thunderous Mechanical Gear keep its five-star grade after it achieved the Gold level.

He supposed he would even be able to give Ye Xuan a hard blow on his own.


In front of Primo, the Thunderous Mechanical Gear struck a dreadful thunder and lightning after a thunderbolt when he was absorbed in thought.

It created a deep vortex with flashing bolts of lightning over the boundless sea.

“It’s done!”

Primo beamed at the sight of the vortex.

Then he took out a verdant seed by turning his hand over.

A clansman of his gave him the verdant seed earlier.

With this seed, he could head for where the clansman was at high speed.

Primo shifted his consciousness. He leaped onto the Thunderous Mechanical Gear.

“Have they found Ye Xuan’s precise location?”

Primo maneuvered the Thunderous Mechanical Gear to travel fast in a direction.

“One hundred miles in fifteen minutes? Let’s see whether I can catch up with you with my new speed!”

Primo smiled coldly again while flying.

He already detected that the Thunderous Mechanical Gear had lamentably failed to keep its five-star grade, and it had dropped to four stars after this level-up.

But a four-star Gold-level beast was already great enough. It was not something that anyone could have.

After all, this time, the Beast Tamers taking part in the trial of the sea world in this area were all Silver-level ones.

At the same time, in addition to Primo.

There were more than ten Beast Tamers from various clans in this sea area.

Whose beasts also achieved the Gold level at about the same time.

Moreover, when their beasts had achieved the Gold level, several of them took out a seed that looked similar to Primo’s seed.

Then, just like Primo, they also maneuvered their beasts to travel.

They were going to see their clansmen.

“Ye Xuan!”

At this moment, the geniuses from all clans, who had been putting up with him silently since they had entered this Secret Realm, all grew very aggressive.

They had been expecting this moment for a long time. By then, it was finally coming.

“It’s this island?”

While the hundreds of Beast Tamers from all clans and Gold-level Beast Tamers like Primo were approaching Ye Xuan aggressively.

After a long journey, Ye Xuan finally found the island the Harp Melody woman had mentioned.

Through the Tidal Treasure Snail’s Real-Time Map, he confirmed three Gold-level monsters were living on this island indeed.

These three Gold-level monsters were all on the low Gold level.

But he was not sure what grade they had.


Then Ye Xuan shifted his consciousness.

As he approached the island, he sensed a rich treasure aura on the island through the Tidal Treasure Snail.

It was not any weaker than the treasure aura of that weird bead he had got earlier.


The clone of the Tyrannosaurus growled under Ye Xuan all of a sudden when they had arrived. It seemed a little unquiet.

“What’s wrong?”

Ye Xuan puzzled.

He got a surprising answer when he had used his consciousness to communicate with the clone of the Tyrannosaurus.

“You mean there is something beneficial to you on this island?”

Ye Xuan raised his eyebrow.

The clone of the Tyrannosaurus had the same senses the Tyrannosaurus had.

That meant some treasures were beneficial to the Tyrannosaurus on this island?

“Let’s go!”

Ye Xuan did not hesitate.

He made the clone of the Tyrannosaurus take him to the island in the distance right away.

Through the Tidal Treasure Snail, he found that besides the three monsters on the low Gold level, there were also many Silver-level monsters living on the island.

But he was already strong enough not to worry about that.

Then, as Ye Xuan picked up his speed.

Traveling on the back of the Tyrannosaurus, he was only two miles away from the giant island very soon.

He immediately saw a huge thing lying on its stomach on the coast of the island. It was definitely more than two hundred feet long.

The huge thing had layers of scales and many bumps on its body. It had sharp teeth as well.

It was a huge, slim, and powerful crocodile exactly.

[Fierce Sea Dragon Crocodile Beast: Three Stars

Beast Level: Gold (Low)

Abilities: Dragon Crocodile Aspect, Dragon Crocodile Combat Technique, Dragon Crocodile Roar, Overturning Seas, and Rivers

Evolution Path: Ancient Dragon Crocodile Beast]

Ye Xuan identified the Dragon Crocodile Beast’s attributes after a glance.

“Three stars?”

Joy showed up on Ye Xuan’s face.

He would get eight Gold points for killing one three-star Fierce Sea Dragon Crocodile Beast.

And he saw two more identical Fierce Sea Dragon Crocodile Beasts at the far end of the island after having glanced over.

Three Dragon Crocodile Beasts would amount to twenty-four Gold points!


In the distance, on the island.

The Fierce Sea Dragon Crocodile Beast growled while Ye Xuan was gazing at the island.

It opened its giant eyes and looked at him.

“What are you staring at? Big Dream Sleeping Rock!”

Seeing the Fierce Sea Dragon Crocodile Beast look at him, Ye Xuan shifted his consciousness.

He called out the clone of the Big Dream Sleeping Rock two miles away from him right away.


The Big Dream Sleeping Rock growled as soon as it showed up.

It transformed into a giant beast that looked pretty similar to the Fierce Sea Dragon Crocodile Beast.

But the giant beast it had transformed into this time had two big sharp horns on its forehead.

It was a four-star Gold-level Ancient Dragon Crocodile Beast.

And it was a four-star Ancient Dragon Crocodile Beast on the high Gold level.

Its body length increased to more than three hundred feet after the transformation. The Fierce Sea Dragon Crocodile Beast was totally outshone.

The Big Dream Sleeping Rock growled and dashed forward. It approached the Fierce Sea Dragon Crocodile Beast that had thrown Ye Xuan a look in a second.

Its mouth wide open held the Fierce Sea Dragon Crocodile Beast’s head in its mouth before the latter could react.

I will swallow you alive!