After Transmigrating as a Demon, I've Been Adopted by Angels! - Chapter 214

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Davis carried Lilia and landed on the ground.

Before they landed on the ground, Davis saw the forest that had been destroyed by the monster.

The forest that had been destroyed by Davis and Lilia had been further destroyed by the monster.

Moreover, even the ground had been flipped over by that monster.

Countless tree stumps and rocks had been flipped out of the ground by that monkey-shaped monster.

“Davis, that monster is too ferocious.” Lilia looked at the messy scene on the ground with lingering fear.

Fortunately, she did not confront that monster head-on. Otherwise, she and Davis would really be in danger.

The ground was obviously caused by the monster’s outburst.

It had a huge visual impact.

Davis was also shocked.

A seraph level monkey monster could cause such huge damage with just its body.

If that monkey monster knew the master, he and Lilia might not have a chance to defeat that monkey monster.

There was a huge gap between the two realms.

Ordinary people could not easily cross it.

Davis thought that if he had the power of the seraph, it would be more convenient for him to move around.

Davis only had a few main goals.

One was to find out his identity. He wanted to find out what kind of bloodline he had.

After all, he had the bloodline of an angel and a demon, which was very rare in heaven.

Although he had seen Vontel, who also had the power of an angel and a demon, Vontel’s bloodline was obviously different from Davis’.

Vontel’s bloodline was very pure.

It was the bloodline of an ancient angel.

Davis’ bloodline, on the other hand, seemed a little mixed.

The woman who was immersed in the stone tablet told Davis that there was a trace of dragon bloodline in Davis’ bloodline, and there were many other unknown bloodlines.

Davis’ bloodline seemed to be the combination of all the bloodlines.

No one could see the origins of his bloodline.

The four archangels of Paradise Island could not see Davis’ bloodline clearly.

The Dragon Queen also failed to see Davis’ bloodline clearly.

Lucifer of the Demon World too failed to see Davis’ bloodline clearly.

Even the ancient angel in the library of Paradise Island, Vontel, failed to see Davis’ bloodline clearly.

As for the Master of Order in the stone tablet, he could only see half of it.

If he did not know his background, Davis thought that he would be lost in this world.

With so many mixed bloodlines, should he be loyal to Paradise Island, or give his soul to the demon?

Or throw himself into the Dragon Race?

Davis could only make a decision when his identity was clear.

The other purpose was to improve his strength and protect the people he wanted to protect.

Ever since Davis received the dual physique reward from the system, his luck with women had been continuous.

If there were no accidents, he should have a lot of women around him.

The first was Angelina, who adopted him. She was Davis’ most cherished angel and Fiona, who was born with him.

She was his playmate who accompanied him day and night and admired each other.

There were also Alice, Liv, and other angels who were quite close to Davis.

In the human world, there were also Ella, Lea, and Emily, who had become Davis’ family.

Now, he had a beautiful dragon girl by his side.

The Dragon Princess, Lilia.

The woman who had gone through thick and thin with him, and even acknowledged him as her master.

He now had the obligation to protect Lilia’s safety.

Davis was no longer alone.

Every step he took, he had to plan for the future.

If he wanted to protect the people around him, he had to constantly improve his strength, and he had to have great strength.

Davis’ final goal was to explore the world he was in.

Davis had read a lot in the library.

At the same time, on Paradise Island, he often played around and eavesdropped on the conversations of other angels.

Through reading and gathering information, Davis learned a harsh truth.

Due to an unknown force, the world where angels and demons coexisted was gradually collapsing.

In time, the world will be destroyed and everything will fall into nothingness.

This was what Davis did not want to see.

He did not want to save the world and be a superhero.

He wanted to save the world because it threatened his life and the lives of the people around him.

If there was no skin, where would be the hair?

Davis can only protect his own world by using his own efforts.

At least, to ensure the safety of Paradise Island where he was born.

Therefore, Davis’ short-term goal was very simple which was to live.

Only by living, his goals can be achieved.

If he died in this unknowingly large arcane realm, then his plans would become a tree without roots.

The last laugh was the best laugh.

Therefore, after hearing Lilia’s words, Davis suddenly became alert.

Why would that monster wreak havoc here?

Davis stopped flying and carefully looked at the traces left by the monster on the ground.

After looking for a moment, Davis seemed to have discovered something. His brows were tightly knitted.

Then, Davis recalled the strange expression that the monkey-shaped monster had on its deathbed.

At this time, Lilia said again, “Davis, what happened? Why did you stop?”

She reached out her hand to Davis’ front eye and waved it.

However, Davis did not react.

It was like a body that had lost its soul.

“Davis, is there something wrong with the ground?”

Upon hearing this, an idea suddenly flashed through Davis’ mind.

Everything was connected.

Then, Davis turned pale with fright.

That monster had indeed left a trap!

“Lilia, it’s very dangerous here. We can’t stay here!”

Davis immediately summoned the Demonic Dimensional Gate and entered with Lilia in his arms.

Just as Davis left, a group of large ants appeared in the forest where the monkey-shaped monster had died.

These ants all had wings.

As soon as the ants arrived at the spot where the monkey-shaped monster had died, they immediately began to riot.

The monkey-shaped monster was originally their target.

The ants had been tracking the monkey-shaped monster for a long time.

Before the monkey-shaped monster attacked Davis, it had already been bitten by the ants.

The formic acid of these giant ants contained a neuroparalytic toxin.

The neuroparalytic toxin would cause the prey to go hungry and the neuroparalytic toxin in the monkey-shaped monster’s body was acting up today.

The ants were just waiting for a good harvest today.

The level 1 seraph monkey monster was enough for the ants to eat for half a month.

However, these ants only found blood all over the ground, and some of the hair that the monster had dropped.

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