Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! - Chapter 1740

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Chapter 1740 “Encounter (7)”

“My name is Baimo, remember that pipsqueak. Take care of the precious thing I just gave you, I will come and retrieve it one day….” Ticking his lips into a smirk, strange lights flickered in this pedophile’s eye as the girl herself drifted away from the experience.

A mix between fox and human yet still so pure in her bloodline, this girl isn’t just some common breed. Her parents must be extraordinary people to achieve such a offspring. Perhaps this is fate and only this pipsqueak can protect it….


Di Ling Yan on the other hand didn’t have as much thoughts as the child kissing scum there, her brain only had time to lock onto his name since it’s slowly fading into darkness.

So he’s called Baimo?

Thankfully the slumber there didn’t get haunted by the excruciating pain in her chest for a gush of cold breeze had replaced the heat after her mind went black.

“Ling Yan, Ling Yan!” Far away, an anxious voice soon caused the pipsqueak’s eyelids to tremble as they gradually opened due to the disturbance.

It was Bai Yan, Di Cang and Bai Xiachen who came running over. The three were the first people the baby girl saw once she regained consciousness, and for that, she felt guilty at making them worry.

It’s all my fault for making them all worry….

“Father, Mother, Big Brother!” Stumbling to pull herself up from the ground, Di Ling Yan’s voice rang out in this restless night.

Bai Yan was the first to make it over and was also the most anxious in the face. It doesn’t take much to worry a mother who couldn’t find their child after expecting their baby to be sleeping.

“Ling Yan, why are you sleeping at the base of the Demon Mountain?” Pulling the child into her arms to feel reassured she’s the real deal, Bai Yan asks with a faintly trembling voice.

Thank goodness my daughter is alright….

“Eh?” Only now does the pipsqueak realize she’s at the base of the mountain. Blinking her eyes in a astonished manner: “I clearly fell asleep inside the cave, how come I’m here instead?”

Can it be… did that baddie carry me out here? But wasn’t he chained to the wall, how did he have the ability to send me away?

“Cave?” Bai Yan furrows her brow into a knot.

“Mother, earlier I got scared so I wanted to find Sister Suzaku to be with me, but I couldn’t find her or anyone else. Then that’s when I discovered a man chained to the wall inside the cave.”

The man was so fierce that he almost ate me… I bet he couldn’t bear to eat me because I’m so cute, that’s why he let me go.

“Man?” Bai Yan’s furrowed forehead grew tighter and tighter as she listened in on the story. Turning to look at her husband, “Di Cang, is there such a man imprisoned here in the Demon Realm?”

“Also Mother, the man has a tail like mine. It’s very cuddly and cute, you see?” Recalling back to the experience, the child suddenly pops her own fluffy fox tail out to wave it around to make her point.

Di Cang’s expression was equally as grim: “The Demon Mountain never imprisoned anyone.”

Where did the cave and the man come from?

“Queen,” Suzaku the Vermillion Bird also arrived by then and spoke with a grim voice, “I’ve been living here on this mountain for many years, there’s never been any sign of another man staying here, nor a cave described by the princess. I do not believe this is normal.”

“But Mother, I really saw him, I’m not lying!” The pipsqueak gets all defensive after hearing her story being doubted.

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