Absolute Resonance - Chapter 0135

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After setting the second mini goal for Li Luo, Jiang Qing'e left with Yan Lingqing, leaving a spluttering Li Luo to fume by himself.

"That's too much."

Li Luo grumbled. But in the end, he moved past it, knowing that Jiang Qing'e was just trying to spur him on so he wouldn't rest on his laurels after getting into the Astral Sage College.

As if he would.

House Luolan was in shambles and his parents were missing. Although he had gotten into the Astral Sage College, it had come at the cost of a new Duke enemy. And there was Gong Shenjun, a smiling man with a grim plan to be his love rival.

If only he could just raise one tier a day. Five days to Duke, ten to King. He would kill Shen Jinxiao with one kick and then punch out Gong Shenjun's teeth from his sunny smile. "IF ONLY!!" He sighed.

There was no time to slack off.

"Ah, I guess I'll go see my new guardian."

He checked the information sheet that he had received. Mentor Chi Chan's address was clearly written on it, and so he checked his bearings and pushed off immediately.

Along the way, he passed many other young students all dressed in the Astral Sage College's star-speckled uniform. The number of stars indicated which hall they belonged to.

The pretty senior girls were all in short skirts, showing off plenty of leg as their skirts swished in a tantalizing manner. The Astral Sage College was indeed a place of temptation.

Enjoying the sights along the way, Li Luo eventually reached Mentor Chi Chan's place.

It was a quiet, little building with a small garden in front. Little spots of light were scattered across the ground.

Li Luo spotted a cute, little figure already there. Her hourglass figure was a marvel, and her long hair was pinned at the top with a butterfly ornament.

The gentle breeze tugged playfully at the corner of her skirt, coaxing out just a few more inches of fair leg from beneath.

Her face was extremely beautiful as well, with large, lucid eyes that spoke volumes, and a dainty, little nose and mouth.

Bai Mengmeng.

Li Luo walked up and greeted her with a smile. "Hello, Bai Mengmeng."

His sudden call made her jump, and she quickly looked up at him. Her face reddened when she looked at his face. "...Hello," she said meekly.

And then she was looking down at the ground again, her fingers tightly crossed against each other.

Wow, this was some extreme shyness. So this was what Yu Lang liked? Too bad the heavens had been deaf to his wishes. He had teamed up with Bai Doudou instead.

Bai Doudou seemed to repel all softness. Yu Lang might well be beaten up every day.

"Is this Mentor Chi Chan's place? Why didn't you go in?" Li Luo asked.

"Mentor Chi Chan said that we should go in once we're all here," Bai Mengmeng replied earnestly.

He looked around. "There's one more person, right? Called Xin Fu? He sure lacks punctuality, that loafer."

Bai Mengmeng was quiet for a beat, then she pointed to a shadow leaning against a tree. "He's there. He was here much earlier. We're waiting for you, actually."

Li Luo started. Looking closely, he saw a dark figure in the shade, dressed completely in black. The guy was even wearing a hood that covered half his face.

His eyes flitted up to meet Li Luo's own, then flicked away.


Happily, the doors swung open by their own accord, and the three looked around before shuffling in.

They took the cobblestone path through the flower bushes and saw a spacious pavilion in the middle of the greenery. A bamboo curtain hung down on all sides, and windchimes adorned each corner. The breeze made them tinkle gently, a sound that soothed them.

"Come in."

A steady voice called out.

The three obediently filed in past the bamboo curtain. It was clean and neat inside, with only three futons placed in the center before a short table. A woman was sitting cross-legged behind the table, clad in mentor robes.

Purple stars glittered on her robes, enigmatic and awe-inspiring.

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They were the mark of a Duke expert.

All three were trying to size up Mentor Chi Chan on the sly, awestruck by seeing this Violet Vibrance mentor up close. Her hair was tied up neatly behind her with a blue silk ribbon, but they could not see her face clearly. She had covered most of it with a black veil that only left those icy eyes exposed.

Her slightly baggy robes definitely hid some curves underneath. She had an aloof appeal that was as much cutting intelligence as it was physical. 

"Greetings, Mentor." All three immediately offered her their respects.

"Sit." She indicated the three futons.

They sat.

"From today onwards, you will be my students. According to the rules of the Astral Sage College, I will guide your cultivation and see you as far as I can," she said clinically. They got the feeling that she was not too interested in them. Or in anything at all.

"Thank you, Mentor," they replied dutifully.

"No need. This is my duty. The better you perform, the higher my evaluation score from the school, and the greater my rewards. What? You think we Dukes stay in school to teach out of love?" Her blunt answer was a shocker, and the three gave sheepish smiles.

Damn teacher, if you're so blunt, how are we to cultivate that soppy teacher-student relationship?

"In school, I will get you enough resources. Of course, you have to work hard also. You can't blame it on your mentor's reputation if the outstanding Gold Gleam students steal all your resources.

"All you need to do is focus on cultivation. Ignore everything else. If there are any dirty attacks, I'll block everything that's against the rules."

Li Luo could feel her eyes on him while she said this. She was clearly referring to Shen Jinxiao.

He was touched. If he wasn't worried about his first impression being ruined, he would jump on her and hug her leg and beg for protection.

"Each of you have your own advantages.

"Li Luo has dual resonances. Xin Fu has a rare shadow resonance. Bai Mengmeng might be the weakest out of the three of you, but her Nightmarish Water Butterfly resonance is special. It's one of the rare few water beast resonances that can refine spirit liquids and purifying lights. She might not be as strong as you, but she's a genius in researching spirit liquids. The Resonance Artificers Hall has been trying to secure her entry for a long time," Mentor Chi Chan continued.

Bai Mengmeng dipped her head shyly at being praised. She suddenly felt a burning gaze and peeked up shyly to see Li Luo staring at her hungrily. He swallowed some saliva.

As though he was ready to swallow her too.

She trembled in fear.

This guy was handsome enough, but he was scary.

"Let me give you some important news next. But before that, each of you can ask me one question." Mentor Chi Chan had a neutral way of speaking that was rather reassuring.

Li Luo snuck a peek at the other two. Xin Fu was as mute as a melon. In fact, he hadn't spoken a single word. Bai Mengmeng was just super shy, so he hesitated a little, but he eventually raised his hand.


Li Luo's eyes were rather serious, but there was no hesitation in his question.

"Mentor, what is the Noble's War?"

When he asked, it almost seemed like the windchimes quietened and the wind died. A sudden blanket of silence fell on them, caused by the change in mood of the Duke expert before them.

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