Above Your Head - Volume 2 - Chapter 129

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“Hyung, you son of a…”

I had no choice but to laugh in a flabbergasted manner.

Are you all right?

Along with a gush of wind, something very large landed on my right. When I turned my head, Ares was looking at me with his posture lowered to the fullest extent.

That’s right. Are you okay?

Another giant appeared on my left. It was made of light, and more accurately described as a spirit of light rather than a robot.

Transcendental Weapon No. 92.


“Of course. I’m very good.”

What? How did you get here? Weren’t you supposed to be by Celestia’s side?

I was, but a sudden hole appeared out of nowhere and sucked me up. Although I can’t quite understand what happened afterwards… I can feel that the Divine Spirit that has been paining me has finally left me. My king, have you accepted your Divine Spirit once again?

“It somehow worked out like that. But it’s a little embarrassing that it ended up like this after I forced you to take care of it.”

It was too much power for me anyways. But… now that I’ve disappeared so suddenly, the Leonhardt Empire would have been thrown into chaos. In the form of a crown, I was the symbol of the empire.

I nodded at his words.

“Yeah. I’ll take responsibility somehow.”

It was originally mine and I wasn’t the one who forcibly took it back, but since I absorbed it eventually, I would have to sort things out.

“Of course, before that.”

I stood up with a grin. The head of Ares opened up and he grabbed me before placing me into his cockpit.


Along with a brilliant light, Ra turned into a dazzling crown and rested on the head of Ares. My consciousness expanded into space.

“I should take care of the mess first.”

“Huh? Dae-ha, where are you going?”

I could hear my brother calling me from the ground. That wasn’t all. In the distance, I could see my mother being guided by players with a dumbfounded expression on her face.

‘My mother, huh.’

It was rather ridiculous, but the tall girl was my mother. Moreover, she was only a high school student! I laughed in vain.

‘What the heck? She’s the same age as hyung… Way younger than me.’

I had been wondering what my father had been up to all this time, since not a trace of him could be found anywhere. It appeared he had been using the power of the End Project to revive my mother. He even risked his life to save my mother, whom neither I nor my brother had ever even seen.

If I had been a little late to recover my Divine Spirit, I would have faced a catastrophic situation in which I got my mother back at the cost of my father.

‘More than that…’

I looked at my brother. A word was written on top of his head. Same with my mother and all the gigas. Every single person had a word on top of their heads. It was a little different from the titles I saw in the past.

Instead, the things I could see on top of their heads was… literally everything. Their personality, tendency, taste, habits… Their foundation, identity, the life they lived until now, and even their future…

‘What do I call this? Their real name? Integrated information?’

I realized the moment I saw the words on their heads. The moment I could edit the words freely, I would enter the realm of the administrator that my father desired so much.


I shook my head. It was way too dangerous. It was a power that far exceeded all other authorities as well as absolute authorities, but-

If I dared to edit characters… I would incur the wrath of the Creation God. If I did not want to vanish like the ancient Olympian Gods, I shouldn’t even think about doing such a thing.

‘I would rather look at my Divine Spirit and authorities instead.’

I acquired the Divine Spirit of Civilization and Information from my biological father, as well as the Divine Spirit of Machines that he acquired after his downfall.

‘And I became the God of Games.’

And as such, my natural power of seeing titles above people’s heads transformed into a new power that displayed everything about the individual above their heads. I didn’t know whether this was a good thing or a bad thing. I would figure it out slowly.

‘Instead, the power of the Machine God that exists outside of the ‘game category’ has been greatly undermined.’

My powers that dealt with aspects of games such as manipulation, production, etc… were strengthened, but the powers relating to machine civilization weakened or even disappeared. I could not be certain, but… One day Adam would probably be resurrected as the Machine God with those powers.

‘I don’t care too much about other powers, but it’s a shame about the Absolute Right of Command.’

Even so, I did not worry too much. The machines’ strong affinity for me did not disappear, so I didn’t have to worry about Ra or Ares leaving me. Maybe things would change if Adam came back and used Absolute Command.

‘But he wouldn’t’

Unless he wanted to die.


A book appeared in front of me and opened up.

One Step of God.

Jump. Guide for Space Travelers.

Void Path.

Dragon Jumps Over Galaxy.

Four transcendence skills activated simultaneously and I instantly moved to the middle of the universe.

- Guwaaaahhh!!

Upon arrival, a tremendous roar greeted me. The planets in the vicinity were shattered and scattered, but I was unscathed as I faced the creature.

“How hideous.”

It was a giant monster. It was so big that its head alone would equal the size of Earth. Hundreds of thousands of eyes and tens of thousands of tentacle-like limbs sprouted from its body. It looked so bizarre that just looking at it would cause people to go mad.

- You! Youuu---!!

It roared after spotting me. A giant force was contained in its howl, but I snorted in response.

“The frightened dog barks.”

The monster lost too much on Earth. Its power, settings, resources, and life force had been heavily invested on earth, but it received nothing in return. It was similar to investing all of one’s property in a company, but then having the company declare bankruptcy the day after.

“Well, what’s there to lament over? It’s not like you invested everything with good intentions. You were trying to devour everything.”

As I spoke in a nonchalant voice, the End Project, or rather, the Monster of Apocalypse charged at me. It was the attack of a monster who could destroy planets and devour satellites!

But… physical size and strength did not matter to me right now. Rather, the system form of the End Project would be much more difficult to deal with.

“All right.”

I stretched out my hand.

Unlike other intelligent creatures, the Unnamed did not receive the attention of the Creator. There was a reason why the Setting Destruction Shot could only ever be used on the Unnamed, although it was a forbidden weapon.

I ‘recognized’ the sentence above its head.


“Chocolate ball.”

I edited it.

The End Project would not be defeated so easily, but it was already greatly damaged by the events on earth. As such, the Monster of Apocalypse could not endure it.


In an instant, a monster with hundreds of thousands of eyes and tens of thousands of limbs instantly disappeared and a chocolate chip cookie appeared on the palm of my hand. I knew that the editing would be undone in a moment, so I quickly took action.


I swallowed it.


Pain radiated from my stomach as if a bomb had exploded. But I already had plenty of experience absorbing its powers in the form of stats, pills, skills, and resources before. In addition, I had the ability to channel the absorption into a world instead of consuming it myself.

Special Planet Unique World (Legend++++) is ranking up!

SS Rank -> SSS Rank

The Unique World expanded. However, it didn’t end with just one expansion.

Special Planet Unique World (Legend++++) is ranking up!

SSS Rank -> SSS++ Rank


Special Planet Unique World (Legend++++) is ranking up!

SSS++ Rank -> SSS++++ Rank

Five whole rank ups! The system could only recognize ranks up to SSS, which was why additional rank-ups were displayed as extra +.


Naturally, the Unique World was thrown into turmoil. But the buildings of the Unique World were not destroyed or demolished. In the first place, the buildings were constructed to float like ships on the metal surface rather than being fixed to the ground like regular buildings.

“Let’s go back.”

…Is it over? That monster just now… It looked like an Untouchable class.

Ra displayed his confusion.

What a vain ending. The stage took hundreds of thousands of years.

Ares appeared dumbstruck.

“Wouldn’t it be rather weird if I fought a wounded monster like that for a long time after I’ve powered up so much?”

I guess.

Spoken like a true king.

I crossed the space with the two convinced gigas. I looked down at blue Earth 34. I observed it for a moment.


I dreamed of a normal life in the past. It was also the wish of my biological father, who had suffered every day since falling into the world of mortals. But if I had enjoyed peace on Earth, I would have been caught and killed by the runaway Adam. If I had accepted the Divine Spirit, I would have lost my sense of self to Dekarma.

Looking back, it was rather amazing that I got this far.

‘I can’t say that it’s the result of my efforts.’

It was a combination of numerous coincidences and countless miracles. If the End Project had not been asleep on Earth 34. If the stage had not taken the form of a game. If the Unnamed, Juan, had not created Justice, Truth, and Honor. If I had not become an idol to the people. If it wasn’t for the help of Monk Myeong-wol…


I entered the atmosphere.

Down on the ground, I could see billions of people gathering around where I had been seated and sculpting. Only a few moments had passed, but almost all of humanity was gathering in this place.

“Ra, wings.”

For what purpose should I make it?

“Just make it big and fancy. So they can see it from down there.”

All right.

Ra followed my words without any question.


Along with a glimmer of flash, a humongous set of wings appeared behind Ares. Ares was already large at 30 meters, but the wings made Ares appear like tiny little fingers. Ares’ frame fell down at an inexhaustible speed, but after passing through a certain altitude, the wings naturally generated lift to slow the momentum.

I looked down at the people from the sky.

And then I realized.

“Perhaps… The administrator might have loved humanity.”

It was love and hate. Perhaps he hated humans so much because he became attached to them.

I neared the ground.

I could hear the sounds of people. The ones who were shouting. A couple hugging each other and putting their lips together. A woman shedding tears on the ground. An old man praying on his knees.

I could feel the faith being lifted towards me as they supported me. I also felt my presence being engraved all over the universe.


I landed on the ground. Thousands, tens, hundreds of millions of people were watching me. It was silent, as if the noise from a moment ago had been a lie.

I raised my right fist.

A thunderous cheer rumbled throughout the entire world.

It was the birth of the highest class of Divine Spirit – something to be known throughout the Great Universe.

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