Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1229

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Chapter 1229: Beat Up

Abel looked at those servant wizards with a smile through the gaze of Thief God Milton. At least one of them was serving Wizard Jules, so all he needed was to follow them.

The first servant wizard who spoke shook his head helplessly and said goodbye to his friend before walking towards the houses at the very end of the accommodation area.

Wizard Jules was horrified, so of course, he chose the houses at the very end.

Abel did not follow. Instead, he waited for the servant wizard to leave before he made a move.

The magic circles in the accommodation area were nowhere as complicated as the ones in the Wizard Union, so Abel could enter it with no problem.

Still, he wasn’t going to get too close to wizard Jules yet. As a legendary wizard, Wizard Jules might sense something wrong even with a single gaze from Abel.

Abel was a Wizard himself, so he knew about the weakness of a wizard, meditation time.

As long as he waited for Wizard Jules to go into meditation, he would be defenseless.

Although Wizard Jules might be able to wake up from his meditation, his soul would take damage more or less.

In that vulnerable state, Abel would be able to unleash a life-taking blow.

Abel waited in the garden, he could clearly sense wizard Jules within the house, so it was just a matter of time until he made a move.

The sky slowly got dark, and Abel sensed Wizard Jules entering a room and ignited a few barrier circles before his energy faded,

Those were top-level barrier circles, which was a must for top-level wizards.

Abel waited for another 10 minutes before flying into the house. With a gentle tap, the front door automatically opened like it was his house.

This move had completely defied the normal function of those magic circles. Normally they needed to be open from within, but since Abel had become a part of the magic circle, he could do anything.

He then pulled open the door to the training room and saw Wizard Jules within a mana-gathering circle.

Looking at the peaceful look on his face, he should be deep within his meditation.

He would never expect to get attacked in a place like this. The Wizard Union headquarter was basically the safest place in the world.

Abel gazed down at Wizard Jules. Killing him like this would be easy, but if Abel did so straight away, Wizard Jules’ legendary light would be noticed by the wizard union immediately.

At the same time, he couldn’t guarantee success in one strike, so he had to make Wizard Jules lose his consciousness first and kill him somewhere else.

Thief God Milton was in an awkward situation. He could not use the power of god. In the wizard union, the power of god was basically like a fire in the dark.

But if he didn’t use the power of god, he couldn’t make Wizard Jules lose his consciousness.

The body of a legend was partly made out of energy, so making them lose consciousness was much harder than killing them. The only thing that could come close was someone as powerful as the golden castle.

However, Abel had prepared. He reached into his portal bag and took out an iron fork, a Dark World’s dark gold gear, the Kelpie Snare.

Thief God Milton stopped into the mana gathering circle and began to snatch Wizard Jules’ portal bag, followed by his gears.

With a god’s power of the will surrounding Wizard Jules, he was stripped naked in an instant. Since Abel was worried that WIzard Jules was hiding anything, he did not even leave a single bit of clothing for him.

Wizard Jules sensed his clothes disappeared as he was deep in his meditation.

However, before he could even make the decision to wake up, he was attacked. He was immediately knocked out of his meditation state and felt his soul aching.

However, he could no longer care. He knew he had to strike the moment he opened his eyes.

It was at that moment. He realized his soul was 75% slower than usual.

This was the power of the Kelpie Snare on display. Even a strike from it could not do much damage.

Wizard Jules did not see anyone around, but he kept sensing sharp pain coming from his body followed by strange energy injecting into him.

His muscles were also slowed down, so it would take him four times longer to flash away, but this invisible enemy of his would not give him a chance.

Each strike of Abel was aimed at his joints, and they were precise. Wizard Jules felt his soul aching more and more, which made casting a spell even harder.

He had no choice but to use a move in a flash scroll, but to his surprise, his portal bag was gone. He was naked, after all.

The only thing he had was his fist. With a 75% slow down, he could not even cast a spell.

His opponent was way too fast. Cracking sounds kept emerging from his body as his joints were broken one by one.

He yelled out of agony, but no one could hear him within a barrier circle.

“I beg you, spare my life!” It was too painful. There was nothing he could do than beg for mercy.

At that moment, he was just like a stray dog with zero dignity.

But Abel had no sympathy for him. He was not going to give up after making it this far.

After all, pain alone was not enough to kill a legendary wizard.

He was not going to kill Wizard Jules, but he had to make him lose all resisting ability before he could safely bring him away from the Wizard Union.

With Abel in control, Thief God Milton’s precision was a lot scarier than his own ability, even without any supporting skills.

In just 2 minutes, Thief God Milton had broken every piece of bone and every sensitive nerve in Wizard Jules’ body with a hit rate of 5 strikes per second.

Wizard Jules was starting to lose his consciousness as he gasped for breaths.

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Of course, Abel could not have done this if he didn’t have a good understanding of a legendary wizard. He knew exactly how to make a legendary wizard break down—how to force them to the verge of death.

After all, he was facing a naked legendary wizard who was knocked out of his meditation state. It was just a matter of time until Wizard Jules fully lost his consciousness.

With a barrier circle around, Abel was not worried about another Legendary Wizard noticing them.

Abel gazed at the unconscious Wizard Jules sluggishly laying on the ground with a smile on his face as he took out a monster bag.

Although a monster bag could hold conscious beings, Abel couldn’t do so without their consent. Therefore, he had to make Wizard Jules lose his consciousness before he could bring him away.

It was pitiful. He was the first legendary wizard to get knocked out by brutal strikes.

The process was smooth, even without Thief God Milton exposing himself. Just their difference in rank alone was enough for Thief God Milton to monitor the condition of Wizard Jules.

He then left the training room under the control of Abel and locked up the barrier circle to create the illusion that Wizard Jules was in retreat.

He flew along the path he entered and exited the wizard Union headquarter without a single hassle.

It was what Abel wanted. Even if the wizard union noticed Wizard Jules was missing, he didn’t want them to know that he had the power to sneak in.

Thief God Milton returned to the Fire Tooth battle fort, and Abel retracted his power of the will.

The Fire Tooth battle fort then flew away at full speed, and just like that, this unbelievable operation had happened without anyone noticing.

As long as Abel didn’t say anything, even the wizard union could not do anything to him.

After an hour of flying, the Fire Tooth battle fort stopped on a hill, and Abel entered the Dark World with the monster bag and Thief God Milton.

He let out Wizard Jules in the Rogue Encampment.

It was at that moment he realized maybe he was too heavy-handed. Wizard Jules was basically half dead.

But suddenly, Wizard Jules’ eyes brightened up and gazed at Abel “it’s you!”

“The life force of legendaries is too strong!” Abel didn’t care as he looked at Wizard Jules curiously. He was the god of the Rogue Encampment, after all.

“Don’t you know that legends will give out a legendary light after they die? The wizard union will not let you go!” Wizard Jules still believed he was in the Wizard union, so he said with confidence.

It was a disgustingly confident look; the wizard union would not tolerate any invasion, not even a grandmaster.

If Grandmaster Bennett had died with him, he would have peace of mind at the very least.

“Jules, have you looked around?” Abel said gently.

It was at that moment Wizard Jules sensed a strong pressure coming from the world around him.

At first, he thought it was coming from grandmaster Bennett, but it was not.

“So that’s your secret!” The confident look on his face had faded. All he could do was to yell his final words.

Afterward, a legendary light shot up from the Rogue Encampment and illuminated the night sky.

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