Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1219

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Chapter 1219: Lure

On a hill 100 miles from the Wizard Union Headquarters, there was a magic tower engulfed in dense mana. It was the best training ground for wizards because it was built on top of a hidden mana gem mine.

2 cloaked wizards sat on the top level of that magic tower, but there were no wizard badges on their chests.

“Wizard Jules, why did you make me come all the way here, can’t we just talk through the communication circle?” Wizard Harrick complained as he took a bite of a water spirit fruit.

He was a rank 28 wizard, a very old wizard with quite a bit of accomplishment in the wizard union.

“Legend Harrick, how long have you been stuck at rank 28?” Wizard Jules said blankly.

“Legend Jules, what kind of question is that? I’m just 100 years older than you!” Wizard Harrick yelled.

This was not because he had a bad temper, but because the wizard union has recommended the legends to show more personality.

This was why so many legendary wizards had strange behaviors.

“Legend Harrick, I don’t have time to mess with you. I only have 300 years to live, so I believe your time is near as well.” Wizard Jules said blankly.

“Legend Jules, if you have something to say, just says it. Even though I only have around 300 years as well, I will give it my all in the ultimate battle with the demon from beyond!” Wizard Harrick added.

“Do you know Grandmaster Bennett?” Wizard Jules’ face changed as he said the name.

“Yeah, do you want him to make you a longevity potion? I heard Dolan beat you to it. Do you have a way to get the blood of a god?” WIzard Harrick had been in retreat for a long time, but he still knew about the famous Grandmaster.

“He is a legend now!” Wizard Jules continued.

“I know, the tree of life helped him with the natural force right. I’m so jealous!” WIzard Harrick sighed.

Natural forces were exclusive to a Druid’s level up, so it was useless to wizards.

“That’s a legendary rank we are talking about. At first I believed it as well but according to the ancient texts, a legend can only level up base on one’s own power!” Wizard Jules lowered his voice.

Abel’s level up had attracted too much attention in the wizard union, and a few legendary wizards wanted to capture him for research.

An alchemist would not mean much to a legend, even if it was a Grandmaster. As long as they could become half-god, immortality was imminent.

But soon, the wizard union got the news that Grandmaster Bennett had leveled up because of the tree of life, many wizards had to give up on capturing Abel.

Abel did have an equal contract with the tree of life.

There was no way they would risk facing the fury from the goddess of the moon.

Wizard Jules was also disappointed, but he did not give up. He was certain that there was something strange about Abel.

Still, that legendary light in front of the golden castle made his spine shiver, and he did not make a move immediately.

Therefore, he found his good friend, wizard Harrick. They had been working together for thousands of years, and their bonds were deep.

A friendship like this was very rare, especially for legendary wizards.

“Legend Jules, so you are saying Grandmaster Bennett has a secret to leveling up so fast?” Wizard Harrick felt his heart tingle.

“Of course, there was no way an elite druid can become a legend in 2 years. We have to capture him and force out his secret. Then we will have the chance to become a half god, or even a god!” Wizard Jules said with certainty.

Quickly leveling up for other ranks was not as extraordinary to them, but Abel had managed to quickly enter the legendary rank. That was a different story.

But of course, they couldn’t kill Grandmaster Bennett. So they might just lock him up in a chamber and force him to keep making potions until he told them his secret.

“All right!” Wizard Harrick’s eyes burned with youthful energy. It was almost as if he went back to hunting down other wizards for resources.

For successful wizards like these two, they did many unsavory things to get to their position.

“Let’s see if we can lure Grandmaster Bennett out first. He lives to close to the goddess temple!” Wizard Jules suggested.

“I’ll get someone to send him an invite to an important event, and we can make our move. Once everything is done, we will blame it on the Evil kingdom!” WIzard Harrick nodded.

Abel didn’t know who was planning a plot on him, but he did not take Wizard Dolan’s warning lightly.

He received many invitations from all kinds of forces during the next 10 days, but he did not attend any of them. He didn’t like going to public events too much anyway.

Considering his status, turning down an invitation wouldn’t affect his reputation too much.

It was normal for a new legend to get a lot of invitations, but Abel began to grow suspicious when he noticed even Wizard Hal from the Lightning clan had invited him to a new member recruitment ceremony.

He was puzzled. Doesn’t the Lightning clan know about my introverted personality?

He was not even a part of the Lightning clan. Who invited me to something so trivial.

Wizard Hal’s also sounded suspicious, like he was sending Abel a signal.

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He had known Wizard Hal for a long time. Are legends of the wizard union forcing the Lightning clan to lure him out?

Abel was correct! But there was something he didn’t know. The Lightning clan had already tried their best to call their own legendary wizard to stand up for them.

However, the Lightning clan’s legendary wizard was in retreat, and they couldn’t manage to reach him.

“Steward Myer!” Abel called as he stood outside his office.

His steward quickly stepped up and bowed.

“On my command, close the golden castle from tomorrow. I will not take any more guests. No one can enter through the teleportation circle. Tell everyone that I am in for a long retreat, and I will no longer supply any potions!” Abel lowered his voice.

“Yes master!” Steward Myer was shocked, but he still bowed.

“Also, tell my 3 followers to be careful, especially the Benson family. Someone might be plotting something against me!” Abel added.

Afterward, he vanished from the spot and arrived above the starlight protection circle.

If there was someone after him and they couldn’t lure him out, it was just a matter of time until they attacked the golden castle.

Abel dwelled above the starlight protection circle until nighttime.

He was not worried about the golden castle as it could defend against any legends.

As for attacks, his 225 stone throwers and the 2 king puppets of the land were enough to give any enemies a surprise even if he didn’t use his summons.

When he was battling in the Dark World that night, he couldn’t stop worrying. Even with the 3 spirits in his castle, he had to check if everything was okay after each round of battle.

Meanwhile, the shutting down of Golden castle and grandmaster Bennett’s stopping of potion supply caused a big uproar in the Central Continent. There were wizards who booked their meals in the golden castle: powerful law-defying wizards, druids, and priests.

There were also people who wanted to see the legendary light, but they couldn’t complain since they were viewing it for free anyway.

As the news spread, the authorities of the wizard union gathered in an office.

“Grandmaster Bennett stopped working with us. What do you all think?” the resource department’s Wizard Hume asked.

“Well, I am not going to get involved!” The investigation department’s wizard Clemens laughed coldly.

As the head of the investigation department, he knew there were 2 legendary wizards plotting against Grandmaster Bennett, but he was a law-defying wizard. His well-being depended on them.

“If grandmaster Bennett wants to stop his potion supply, he should at least come to the union and give us an explanation!” Wizard Joseph lowered his voice.

He was the head of the investigation department, but Wizard Jules was directly above him.

His position would be threatened if he disobeyed Wizard Jules, and he never had that great of a relationship with Grandmaster Bennett anyway.

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