Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1184

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Chapter 1184: Repair

Since that cracked ancient flat board was fixed on the back of the puppet, Abel could only repair it on the spot.

“Hobson, let’s give master Bennett some space!” King Gunther turned and said.

Metallurgist Hobson stepped off the ladder. He was just a touch away from being a master alchemist specialized in metallurgy. He wanted to see how Abel did it.

However, he was not aware. Professionals normally don’t like people looking at their working process.

Abel knew what Metallurgist Hobson was thinking, but he did not tell him to stay. It was his first time using his metallurgist ability. He didn’t want to embarrass himself.

King Gunther went off with Metallurgist Hobson, leaving Abel in the open space with the 20 ancient puppets.

Abel ignited the Grandmaster Alchemist pattern within him, and a strand of alchemy energy emerged from his hand. It was his usual repairing method, and it worked every time as long as the damage was not serious.

However, this was not the case. The thing was infused with too many magic patterns.

Not only was Abel an embarrassment when it came to his understanding of magic patterns as a grandmaster, but the magic patterns drawn in ancient war machines were also often impossible to replicate.

Therefore, Abel used his most direct method. Ignite the world stone and scan the operation board with his power of the will. Soon, all the details of the pattern were burned in his head,

It was not a power a grandmaster alchemist should have, but no one could tell since he was the only grandmaster alchemist around.

He pressed his left hand on the flat board and transferred his alchemy energy onto it. He couldn’t tell what material the thing was made out of, but he didn’t need to know anyway. He was just repairing the thing.

After his energy entered, he sensed the main operation board slowly became softer. If a master alchemist tried this, it might take them hundreds of years with their energy.

The operation board was very soft, but Abel wasn’t going to go all out. He just needed enough for the cracks to merge.

The energy kept rushing in, and the magic pattern on the board began to fade as it merged.

It was at that moment, Abel turned his power of the will into a blade and etched out the original pattern.

His job was done, but he couldn’t guarantee if the operating system would be damaged again during the next battle.

Although he didn’t know how to make the dwarves’ manual operation system, his world stone had memorized every little detail of the magic pattern on it.

He carefully reached his power of the will into the operation board once again and began to etch on the dwarves’ manual operation circle with his power of the will.

With the precision of his druid soul and the world stone, the process was smooth.

This process was extremely challenging for other master alchemists, and it needed careful inspections. But that wasn’t the case for Abel.

His etching was perfect, almost indistinguishable from the original.

Afterward, he directly tore off the original manual operation board. His instincts told him that the main operation circle should be working fine.

What he did was not normal for a Grandmaster alchemist. The dwarves had basically invited a god to help them repair a magic circle board.

“Majesty Gunther, Metallurgist Hobson, please come here!” Abel called.

His voice traveled through the space, and the 2 dwarves quickly stepped towards him.

“Grandmaster, do you need help?” King Gunther asked.

Little did he know, Abel had already completed it. All it took for him was to look at that ancient pattern once, and he had memorized it.

“Majesty Gunther, the ancient puppet is repaired, and I even made little adjustments to it!” Abel smiled.

“What?” King Gunther and Metallurgist Hobson’s jaws dropped as they quickly climbed on the ladder to see the result.

Metallurgist Hobson had forgotten all manners at that moment. All he wanted was to see how his countless years of research turned out.

“Grandmaster, you took off the manual operation system?” Metallurgist Hobson gasped.

The cracks on the main operating system were repaired, but where did his manual operation system go?

“I’ve etched it on top of the original magic pattern. It’s too bad I don’t know much about magic patterns, so I can only replicate your old one!” Abel pointed and said.

Metallurgist turned his gaze and saw a familiar magic pattern perfectly merged on an ancient pattern.

“Grandmaster, let me try it. If it works, the biggest weakness of our ancient puppets will be fixed!” Metallurgist Hobson said in excitement.

King Gunther saw Metallurgist Hobson’s expression from the side and immediately knew the repair was very successful.

Metallurgist Hobson was powerful as a professional as well. He kept climbing up the ladder ad arrived at the head of the puppet. He lifted up a protection shield and took a seat inside.

“Grandmaster, lets get away from the ladder. Hobson is crazy. He must have forgetten we are still on the ladder!” King Gunther saw what Metallurgist Hobson was doing and quickly said.

King Gunther was a rank 20 wizard, so he placed his hand on Abel’s shoulder and disappeared in a flash.

When they reappeared on the ground, an ear-shattering noise began to emerge from the joints of the puppet.

It was scary. This 20 meters monster was finally beginning to move in this confined space after countless years.

It was at that moment metallurgist Hobson realized how impulsive he was being. They turned to King Gunther and Abel on the ground and bowed.

However, King Gunther couldn’t care less at that point. His gaze was completely fixed on the ancient puppet.

It had only taken Abel a short while to repair such a monster. The dwarves, on the other hand, were hopeless even after thousands of years of research.

“Grandmaster Bennett, if it’s not too much of a hassle, please help us alter the 3 functioning puppets as well after you’ve fixed the other puppets!” King Gaunter bowed.

“No problem!” Abel smiled.

This job was no challenge to him. It was even easier than making grandmaster potions.

Of course, he was only repairing at the end of the day, not making something from scratch.

Abel spent the following hours in this underground space, and all the puppets were repaired by noon.

King Gunther and Metallurgist Hobson waited from the side.

It was the most important place of the dwarves, it was where their biggest secrets were, and it was extremely rare that they opened it up for an outsider. Even most dwarves never heard about this place.

After Abel finished his work, Metallurgist Hobson tested out the puppets one by one.

He knew Master Bennett was a busy man, and they spent a lot of effort to ask him for a helping hand.

Therefore, Metallurgist Hobson asked as many questions as he could before Abel left.

“Grandmaster, please follow me!” King Gunther saw Metallurgist Hobson testing out the puppets and smiled.

He knew they were fine even before Metallurgist Hobson finished testing, so he wanted to start talking about Abel’s pay.

They arrived at the deepest part of the underground space, and King Gunther pressed the wall. A hole suddenly emerged from the ground.

They stepped in, and to Abel’s surprise, there were 2 more ancient puppets.

“Grandmaster, we are supposed to give you some of those puppets on the surface by law, but they are fundamental to our power!

We found these 2 ancient puppets in the ancient sight as well, and they still had a spirit inside!” king Gunther looked Abel in the eye and said.

“King Gunther, you want to give me these 2 puppets instead?” Abel kept a little surprised.

After all, Abel was not expecting the dwarves to give him any ancient puppets for his help anyway.

He knew how important they were just by considering the fact that King Gunther had personally come with him to this underground space, and the only one around beside them was metallurgist Hobson.

On top of that, those puppets were the front-line war machines of ancient times, each one of them was priceless.

Therefore for those 2 ancient puppets with a functioning spirit, Abel was more than happy to take them since he had the commander spirit.

In fact, it was even better than the ones without spirits. If he was given one of them, he would need to cultivate an operator from scratch, and they had to be dwarves, considering the size of their operation room.

“Yes Grandmaster, they are your compensation!” King Gunther smiled.

He knew Abel had been accumulating battle forts from all over the continent. If he was just interested in researching them, just one or two of them was enough.

Therefore, he guessed Abel must have some method of unleashing their power, and these 2 ancient puppets might come in handy for him as well.

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