A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu - Chapter 880

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In order to stop herself from thinking too much, Su Jian’an went to the children’s room to see the two babies as soon as she returned to the villa.

As if they knew that something bad had happened today, Xiyu and Xiangyi were both very obedient. They did not cry or make any trouble but slept soundly on their respective cribs.

Looking at the siblings, Su Jian’an finally felt somewhat relieved, with her uneasy heart slightly calming down.

Afraid of disturbing the babies, Su Jian’an and Luo Xiaoxi left the children’s room soon.

Aunt Liu followed out and said, “Mrs. Lu, Uncle Xu, and I will take good care of Xiyu and Xiangyi. You and Mr. Lu can rest assured to deal with Old Madam’s affairs.”

Su Jian’an was sincerely grateful to Aunt Liu. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Aunt Liu waved her hand. “You don’t have to speak so polite to us.”

After that, Aunt Liu went back to the children’s room. Since the babies were still sleeping, she could also lie down and have a nap.

Su Jian’an had nowhere to go, so she went back to her room.

Lu Boyan’s coat was still hung on the clothes tree in the room, making her feel that he was with her here.

However, Lu Boyan would not come back tonight.

Su Jian’an suddenly felt that this room was empty, but she felt more worried and uneasy.

“Jian’an, Yicheng, and I will stay here tonight, and we will stay with you.” Luo Xiaoxi said, “No matter what happens, you still have us. Don’t be afraid.”

Su Jian’an compressed her lips and prevented herself from crying in front of Luo Xiaoxi. She just said, “You take a shower first. My brother will come back soon, and you can rest early.”

Luo Xiaoxi held Su Jian’an’s hand. “Go back with me. I want to bring something here.”

After being pregnant, Luo Xiaoxi stopped using all her cosmetics and skincare products. She wore no makeup, but her friends commented that she was more dazzling than before.

She jokingly told her friends that it was her happiness that was dazzling.

After washing up, Luo Xiaoxi took some clean clothes off her and Su Yicheng, as well as a small traveling bag which contained her milk and some nutrition-supplementing products.

Su Jian’an took the bag and said, “I’ll carry it. You walk carefully.”

Luo Xiaoxi put one hand into the pocket of her coat and held Su Jian’an with the other hand. She tried to persuade her. “Jian’an, don’t worry about me now. Let me worry about you!”

Luo Xiaoxi’s way of worrying about Su Jian’an is very special.

As soon as they returned to the villa, Luo Xiaoxi forced Su Jian’an to take a shower first. Su Jian’an had no choice but to listen to her.

After the shower, Luo Xiaoxi forced Su Jian’an to sleep.

Su Jian’an lay on the bed and tossed and turned, but she was wakeful. She could only compromise with reality. “Xiaoxi, I really can’t sleep.”

“I know you are worried about Auntie Tang, but you must sleep!” Luo Xiaoxi’s reason was simple and rough. “Otherwise, when your brother comes back, I can’t accompany you.”

Su Jian’an pulled the quilt up and complained, “Forget your friend upon seeing your man.”

Luo Xiaoxi proudly raised her eyebrows. “Your brother is my husband now! Even if you really want to complain, you should say: ‘Forget your husband’s younger sister upon seeing your husband’.”

Su Jian’an burst into laughter, and the heavy pressure on her heart was much relieved.

She moved sideways and motioned for Luo Xiaoxi to lie down.

When they were studying abroad, they often slept together. But after returning to their homeland, Su Jian’an threw herself into work while Luo Xiaoxi was busy chasing after Su Yicheng all day long. Also, they lived in different places, so there were fewer and fewer chances for them to sleep in the same bed as they did when they were students.

Now that they had gotten married, it was even more difficult for them to sleep together.

Luo Xiaoxi felt that she should cherish this opportunity, so she lay down and stared at Su Jian’an, saying, “Sleep. I’m here with you.”

Su Jian’an closed her eyes, and she was still in a flutter. She was afraid that Kang Ruicheng would hurt Tang Yulan crazily, and she was even more afraid that Tang Yulan would not be able to go through the nightmare of seeing Kang Ruicheng again.

However, she could only take good care of their family for Lu Boyan. Other than that, she could do nothing else.

In that case, she would try her best to do it so that Lu Boyan would have no additional worries.

Su Jian’an constantly hypnotized herself and finally felt a little sleepy.

Luo Xiaoxi stopped talking and stayed with Su Jian’an while waiting for Su Yicheng to come back.

After Su Yicheng sent Xiao Yunyun back to the hospital, he didn’t stay for long. Xiao Yunyun and Shen Yuechuan didn’t let him stay but urged him to go back.

In the current situation, both Su Jian’an and Luo Xiaoxi needed him.

On the way back, Su Yicheng drove the car himself and gave full play to its superior qualities, which matched its price. Soon, he returned to the top of the mountain.

Seeing Su Yicheng come back, the bodyguard rushed over and told him, “Mr. Su, Mrs. Su told you to live in Mr. Lu’s house tonight.”

Su Yicheng understood Luo Xiaoxi’s thoughts without guessing. He didn’t go home and went to Lu Boyan’s villa.

The villa was quiet, and Su Yicheng did not make any sound. He went straight to the second floor, walked to the door of the master bedroom, and gently knocked on the door.

Not long after, Luo Xiaoxi gently opened the door and gestured to Su Yicheng, who was outside the door, to keep quiet.

Then, Luo Xiaoxi came out of the master bedroom and took Su Yicheng to the bedroom next door.

After entering the room, Su Yicheng asked, “Is Jian’an asleep?”

“She finally fell asleep, so let’s not disturb her.” Luo Xiaoxi paused and asked, “Yunyun arrived, right?”

“I sent Yunyun to the ward and personally led her to Yuechuan.” Su Yicheng signaled to Luo Xiaoxi to rest assured and continued, “You should go to bed early, and I will help Boyan deal with some things.”

Luo Xiaoxi took out the things from the traveling bag and said, “I should have brought all the things you need. If there is anything missing, ask someone to get it for you. I have tried my best, and my strength is gone.”

Luo Xiaoxi admitted that she was not as talented as Su Jian’an when it came to doing housework. Su Jian’an could always arrange everything in order.

As for Luo Xiaoxi, she admitted that she was poor at it.

Su Yicheng glanced at the things prepared by Luo Xiaoxi, took her hand, and kissed her on the back of her hand. “You’ve prepared everything I need. Well done. Sleep. I’m in the study next door.”

“Good night!”

Luo Xiaoxi lay on the bed and pulled up the quilt to wrap herself tightly, but she couldn’t fall asleep immediately.

She vaguely had a bad feeling.

For a long time, she had always firmly believed that “carpe diem” was a principle of life that everyone should abide by.

Because of such a life philosophy, after she married Su Yicheng, she lived a more unrestrained life and almost had no worries.

This was the first time she felt uneasy, just like a bird that couldn’t wait to fly away when it stood on a telegraph pole and felt that a storm was coming.

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After tossing and turning several times, Luo Xiaoxi finally couldn’t resist her sleepiness and fell asleep.

After leaving the bedroom, Su Yicheng did not enter the study but knocked on the door of the master bedroom.

Soon, Su Jian’an’s voice came from the inside. “Brother?”

Su Yicheng replied, “Yep, it’s me.”

“Xiaoxi didn’t lock the door when she went out.” Su Jian’an said, “Come in.”

Su Yicheng pushed the door open and walked into the master bedroom. He saw Su Jian’an holding herself and curling up at the head of the bed.

Su Jian’an asked curiously, “Brother, how do you know I haven’t slept yet?”

Just now, she only felt a little sleepy, but in order to make Xiaoxi rest assured to sleep, she simply pretended to be asleep.

Unexpectedly, Luo Xiaoxi believed it, but Su Yicheng didn’t.

“I watched you grow up. How can I not understand you?” Su Yicheng pulled a chair and sat down beside the bed. “You want to cry, don’t you?”

Su Jian’an was stunned and suddenly could no longer hold back her tears. Like a child, she burst into tears.

In order to hide her crying, Su Jian’an could only bite her lips hard and prevent herself from crying aloud.

Su Yicheng got up and held Su Jian’an in his arms. Just like when his mother had just passed away, he used his own body to give Su Jian’an a reliable harbor.

“Jian’an, you must trust Boyan and believe that he can handle this matter well.” Su Yicheng comforted her. “Boyan is no longer the weak teenager 15 years ago. Now, he has the ability to compete with Kang Ruicheng.”

“I’m worried that Boyan will get hurt.” Su Jian’an cried and said, “And Mom, I’m afraid that Kang Ruicheng will hurt her.”

“He won’t.” Su Yicheng made a clear analysis. “Before the negotiation, the bad guys will ensure the safety of the hostages. Otherwise, the bargaining chip will be not as efficient as before. So, before the negotiation with Boyan, Kang Ruicheng will not hurt Auntie Tang. You don’t have to worry.”

Su Jian’an nodded and leaned into Su Yicheng’s arms, crying out in a low voice.

Su Yicheng did not say anything else. He just hugged Su Jian’an and let her vent her sadness and distress.

Su Jian’an did not know how long she had cried. She only knew that in the end, she was exhausted.

“Jian’an, go to sleep.” Su Yicheng comforted Su Jian’an. “Don’t be afraid. No matter what happens, you still have me with you.”

Su Jian’an wiped away her tears and lay down obediently.

Su Yicheng pulled up the quilt and gently tucked Su Jian’an in. “Okay, close your eyes.”

In a trance, Su Jian’an felt that she seemed to have returned to her childhood.

In her childhood, when she went home after making trouble and was scolded by her mother, she would hide in her room and cry with a grievance, and then Su Yicheng would always appear as soon as possible and tell her that it was no big deal. He would also tell her that she still had him with her and he could handle any matter.

After more than a decade, she had grown up, married a man who loved her very much and become the mother of two children.

But in Su Yicheng’s eyes, she was still the little girl who needed his protection.

With her brother around, she would feel at ease.

Su Yicheng went into the bathroom, wet a towel with hot water, and then screwed the water out of it, and wiped away the tears on Su Jian’an’s face.

Perhaps because Su Jian’an had vented her feelings, or because Su Yicheng’s presence made her feel at ease, not long after that, she fell into a sweet dream.

Su Yicheng stayed with Su Jian’an for another while, then left the master bedroom and went to the children’s room.

The two babies were also sleeping soundly.

Finally, Su Yicheng went back to his room and saw Luo Xiaoxi sleeping soundly.

From the master bedroom to this bedroom, these sleeping ones were just the people he needed to protect.

All he could do was to make them feel safe.

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