A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim - Chapter 69

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Yuras Pov . . .
In the beginning all I can remember was being a part of my creators creation to assist poor souls that died and guide them on the path of changing their fate .
Even though most of the souls whom my creator assists are humans, for example a man whose name was Joseph something was reincarnated with a system into a world called soul continent judged by a power system in ranks and using rings to gain powerful abilities .
Of course I had hoped to be assigned to a human as well, and just perform to the best of my capabilities to assist my host in the path of becoming stronger along the way .
However, when I was assigned to a host I was surprised to discover that he was not a human but a Kaiju, the strongest species of creatures made from chaos and tasked with the abilities of destruction and annihilation .
In fact, as I learned of his hatred for humans and his goal to kill and become even stronger stronger along the way, I supported him and created missions to fulfill those desires of his .
However, one day when my host fell into a deep slumber due to an asteroid that destroyed every living thing on the planet that he was on, it was then I found something about my host that changed how I thought of him .
Due to slumbering, his mind was like an open book, allowing me to go through his memories, there I found out that even though he was a creature created from chaos he felt loneliness, the same as me as I was created from a being of creation but felt utter loneliness .
I thought of how different we were, but somehow had something in common as he was a creature created for destruction, but I was an instrument created for saving and even assisting those who I am assigned to .
However, as I continued to go through his memory I found out that he was different, the reason was that he protected the humans from his own kind as he took pity on them and felt a sort of purpose to fill that gap in his loneliness .
Sadly, he was betrayed and killed by the very same creatures he protected as they feared his kind and did not care whether he was on their side or not .
As I watched, I felt pity and anger seeing his entire life ending, but I realized that I was here to assist him and change his fate .
So I decided that no matter what I would always be there for him to never let him feel that loneliness ever again, after all I am only his system .
From there our adventure began as he would become stronger and even surpass the limits of his powers from his previous world .
However, along the way I found that he had compassion for his enemies as he would protect human children even when his life was on the line .
In fact, in the end he still sacrificed himself to save a world that had nothing to do with him, although I was not satisfied with his actions, I could only support him from the sidelines .
But as we travelled to a new world he grew stronger with my help and even along the way I gained the ability to fight alongside him, and with a single goal that I would sacrifice myself to help my host become even stronger, even if it meant hiding a few truths from him .

Unexpectedly, what I did not expect was that my host would consider me more than just a guide but something important to him something that he would die for .
In my thoughts it was impossible, but for the first time since I was created my knowledge grew about my host and so did my joy in being assigned to him, as I felt the utter loneliness which I had was filled with Hakairas presence and even though I was not entirely sure but I would like to think that I filled that gap of his as well .
However, now standing here and thinking about all those times and struggles that we went through, I still wish that you did not have to do what you did hos- . . . Im sorry . . . Hakaira . I said while gazing towards the heavens and standing still on a deserted barren planet .
General Pov . . .
As Yura stood in place without moving she smiled and said, Host I know that you have come back from worser things than this, thats why I hope you keep your promise to me .
However, on Earth in an unknown location somewhere in the middle east a cunning individual had awaited for this moment to arrive, So one of the two has obtained the soul stone, well it would be rude of them to keep it all to themselves .
The individual then walked out of the shadow and revealed himself to be a man with scarlet hair wearing jeans, but the defining features of this person was his scars that ran across his upper body .
The individual smiled and said, Its time to retrieve what is mine .
He then snapped his fingers and what appeared was a pentagram the very same ones that Hakaira and Yura used to travel through space .
However, this one was different as Hakaira would use the space law and incorporate it into his pentagram to take both him and Yura to further locations .
The individuals however, pinpointed one location as it led straight to where the soul stone was supposed to be, Planet Vormir .
The individual then popped a cigarette into his lips as he walked into the pentagram taking him to Yura, who unfortunately had no clue as she was just trying to contact her creator when suddenly, she felt a dangerous aura appearing from behind her .
Hakaira where you? . . . Hakai . . . Oh . . . , the voice of a man said knowing Hakairas name, Yura quickly turned to see a human in the distance smoking a cigarette and walking towards her location .
I see . . . Hahaha . . . I cant believe that dumb-ass actually sacrificed himself for a system . . . Hahahaha . . . This is hilarious, what a gullible idiot . The man said while walking even faster towards Yura .
Yura felt something off from this person, somehow she knew that he was dangerous and that she needed to run .
However, before she could the mysterious man said, Now, now you have something for me right, youre the A . I . right, give it to me or I will have to get a bit rough with you .
As the man was only fifty meters away from Yura, Yura realized who this man was as she asked in an uncertain tone, Destoroyah?
The man stopped in his tracks and smiled, revealing razor teeth while inhaling and burning the tip of his cigarette, So you know who I am, huh . . . that makes things a lot more easier give me the stone and while youre at it the glove .
Yura realized that it really was Destoroyah the very same Kaiju whom Hakaira had killed, however as she heard that he wanted both the infinity stone and glove she immediately wore the glove on her left hand and placed the stone on the middle hole of the glove .
As she did the glove strangely reacted as all five of the infinity laws and the soul stone combined into an insurmountable energy that flowed through Yuras arm, and continued to flow through the rest of her body .
Destoroyah realizing that the current situation was bad he ran at full speed to pull the glove off of Yuras left hand, but before he could Yura appeared behind him and punched him towards the ground with the energy that she had absorbed from the infinity glove .
This led Destoroyah to plummet 300 feet into the desert sand, and leaving a gaping hole on the surface that led 300 feet in .
Yura however did not stop there as she used the reality stone to form two giant hands made of sand and rained down punches straight into the hole .
After repeating the process for nearly two minutes, a crater now replaced the gaping hole, however Yura switched her strategy as she created dozens of gigantic 50 meter razor sharp pillars that were wrapped in purple aura .
She then impaled the ground where Destoroyah was suppose to be and pulled the pillars out only to impale the ground once again .
After repeating this process over and over, Yura dispelled the pillars and pushed her left arm into the sky from there she seemed to be pulling something, and after nearly ten seconds or so the amethyst clouds which covered planet Vormir dispersed as a gigantic meteorite was now descending from space .
It was an incredible sight as it first entered Vormirs atmosphere and was now making its way towards a crater where a certain Destoroyah was .
Yura then used the space law to open a portal that would take her above the meteorite as it continued to descend crashing into the planets surface .
As it did, the kinetic energy of the impact spreads across the surface of the entire planet destroying everything within a 40 mile radius .
Yura who was floating in the air while using the infinity was exhausted as she gazed onto the surface of the planet and saw that nothing was left, except a burnt landscape .
Yura gasped for air as she was exhausted from using the infinity laws, in fact it was already impressive that she could use the powers of the infinity laws and stone at such a level .
As she descended she used the infinity laws to find out if Destoroyah was still alive when a voice behind her spoke saying, Whoah . . . that was a bit too harsh dont you think, I mean if I was an M I would probably like it, but sadly I am an S so .
Realizing that Destoroyah was not dead, Yura tried to attack him again but before she could Destoroyah appeared in front of her with his scaled wings flapping on his back and held her left hand with his right .
I can see why that dumb-ass rival of mine fell for you, I mean you are strong, how about getting to know me, maybe you might like a real Kaiju to show you how its done, oh wait scratch that, never mind . Destoroyah said while squeezing Yuras left hand .
However, Yura did not answer as she used the infinity laws powers to pull her left hand out of Destoroyahs right hand and slicing his off .
Destoroyah was not expecting Yura to do that but instead of screaming out in pain, he merely grabbed his decapitated right arm and reattached it without sparing any effort whatsoever .
Yura who saw this flew backwards and tried to gain a fair amount of distance between them, Yura then gathered energy from the infinity laws and stone to snap her fingers with the thought of erasing Destoroyah from existence .
But as she was expecting Destoroyah to attack her before she could use the infinity glove, she was confused to see him smiling at her and seemed to be patiently waiting while flying in the air .
Yura did not care as she made only thought in her head and that was to erase the creature standing in front of her, Yura then snapped her fingers allowing light envelop her surrounding .
As she closed her eyes in hopes of having killed Destoroyah, but as she opened her eyes she was disappointed to see the same creature still flying and seemed to be looking at himself to see if there was anything missing .
Yura was horrified as she saw Destoroyah shaking his head and slowly releasing a dark aura around him as he looked towards Yura and said, You really should not have done that, you see this body of mine is pretty much immune now to the infinity stones, so get ready .

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