A Guest in a Ghost House - Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 Qi Lin and the toilet 1
To be honest, I wanted to talk to Lulu face to face, but she still hadn’t returned by the time I got off work . I went home to sleep but was woken up by a call from Xiaoru around 8 . 00 a . m . leaving me no choice but to groggily drag myself back out of bed .
This time, we met at Chen Qianqian’s home . I wondered why they called me over so early, but I soon understood once I arrived . Xiaoru, her brother, and Huang Lei were already here, sitting on the couch with Chen Qianqian . There was a dead rat on the tea table in front of the couch, with no head, and no tail .
I gulped loudly . “When did you find it?”
Chen Qianqian was too petrified to speak . Huang Lei glanced at her and said, “She called me this morning but didn’t mention the rat, she was just crying . So I called Xiaoyong, and when we got here, the rat was already dead but Qianqian didn’t tell us anything . She was just crying . ”
I nodded thoughtfully . Following the previous example, whatever killed Zhang Xue was coming after Qianqian next . No wonder she looked so lost; nobody can accept that they are going to die . Moreover, Qianqian was just a young girl with her whole life ahead of her .
I said, “We should go to the abandoned toilet where you played Die Xian . ”
Huang Lei blinked, “What for?”
“If something is really after you, I don’t think it has anything to do with the ghost house,” I answered .
Everyone stopped and stared at me . He Xiaoyong frowned and looked like he was about to say something .
“I went there last night . ” I spoke first .
“What?! You went there alone?” Xiaoru exclaimed in surprise .
It occurred to me that only Wu Jian knew that I was working in the ghost building . No wonder Xiaoru was so surprised . At any rate, I had no time to explain it to them . I continued, “Yes, I went there last night . I’ll tell you guys the specifics later, but I’m certain none of the ghosts there did this . They have no reason to deceive me . ”
Their expressions slowly turned quizzical . Chen Qianqian looked like she gained a new lease on life . She stood up and cried out, “Help me, I want to live!”
I continued to analyze the situation while Xiaoru helped her calm down . “I think this may have something to do with that toilet, and I need you to tell me everything you’ve heard about it . ”
Huang Lei and He Xiaoyong looked at each other apprehensively . Eventually, He Xiaoyong scratched his head and said, “I dunno, man . I just heard that a junior got pregnant once and she gave birth in that toilet, but she left the baby and ran away . ”
Huang Lei agreed, “Right, that’s what I heard too . ”
“When did that happen,” I asked, “and how did that girl die?”
He Xiaoyong shook his head . “I don’t know . I heard about this when I was in high school . It was years ago and we really don’t know how she died . ”
I looked at Huang Lei but he shook his head too . We didn’t have nearly enough information, but the outline was becoming clear .
If the rumor was true, there had to be something supernatural in that toilet . But I just couldn’t understand why they would choose to play Die Xian in a restroom of all places . It smelled bad!
Something occurred to me . “Where’s your friend?”
He Xiaoyong gave me a blank look .
“The girl who played Die Xian with you that night . ”
Huang Lei and He Xiaoyong exchanged confused glances . I thought hard, “Her name was Qi Lin…? Am I right? I don’t know her . ”
“He hasn’t been in touch with us, and he is a boy, not a girl . ”
A boy? Now I was surprised . I clearly remembered the long hair hanging down almost to the small of the back, but to be fair, I didn’t pay him much attention at the time . I couldn’t really say if it was a boy or a girl .
“Wow, he has really long hair . I thought he was a girl!” I thought out loud .
He Xiaoyong raised an eyebrow, “Qi Lin has short hair; we got a haircut together . He has the same haircut as me . See?” He pointed at his head .
I looked at his glossy crew cut . That wasn’t right . I was pretty sure Qi Lin’s hair was very long that night . He couldn’t have had a crew out, but there was no reason for He Xiaoyong to lie to me, so what was that all about?
I glanced at Huang Lei, and he immediately agreed with He Xiaoyong .
Was I mistaken? My brow wrinkled in concentration . “Have you told him what’s going on? You’re friends, right?” I asked him .
He Xiaoyong threw up his hands, “We called him and he said he already knows . We asked him to meet up but there was no reply, so we just forgot about it . ”
He Xiaoyong and Qi Lin went together to get identical haircuts! They had to be good friends, so why did I feel like He Xiaoyong wasn’t telling me something?
I asked him if there was anything else, but he just shook his head stiffly and looked away . Huang Lei whispered, “He Xiaoyong and Qi Lin are eyeing the same girl . They don’t get along so well anymore . ”
I understood . Young people are always like this . However, there had to be something weird about Qi Lin . I trusted my intuition and memory . “Have you noticed anything strange about Qi Lin recently?”
Huang Lei thought carefully and said, “I don’t think so . Well, he always made fun of us for talking about ghost stories, but when Qianqian suggested we play Die Xian he volunteered to join us and even seemed very interested in it . I don’t think it matters, though . You know, he hasn’t seen us in ages and suddenly he gets a phone call to meet up, maybe he just didn’t want to disappoint us . ”
‘Nothing else?’
“That’s all I can think of . By thy way, he’s good friends with He Xiaoyong . ”
I repeated my question to He Xiaoyong . He said, “It’s nothing, he just sounded like he had a cold last time I spoke to him . Kind of strange . Maybe he is still mad at me . I’m over it, though; I’m not mad at all . ”
I stopped He Xiaoyong at that point . This was not the best time to solve their relationship problems . “Why don’t you give him a call now . ”
He Xiaoyong shrugged and pulled out his phone . He put the call on speaker mode so we could all hear .

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