A Guest in a Ghost House - Chapter 269

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Wu Rui, wasn’t that my name?
I was stunned for a moment and thought I didn’t know anyone in Teng Shan city . Even he really was someone I knew, how could he be waiting in front of a hotel?
Then I observed this man carefully . He had the haggard expression, wax-yellow skin as well as the sunken under-eye bags, and I even felt a little familiar with him . After looking at him for a long time, I suddenly became very happy and thought this man must be the driver who had thrown away my phone number when I just came here .
I continued observing him with the physiognomy and found there was still only a faint black gas around him and it didn’t look very serious . However, what I felt strange was that how he became like this?
“Sir . ” I walked over and greeted to him with smile .
The driver turned to look at me and showed a hint of confused expression on his face . Then he immediately turned into crazily happy . In the surprised eyes of the security guard, he even directly knelt down in front of me .
“Master, help me!”
I immediately stepped forward and held the driver up . Having seen the people around were all looking at us strangely, I hurriedly took the driver to the side .
Before I began to asked him what happened, he had already begun to cry and plead, “Master, help me . Just help me, please!”
I nodded and asked him, “Sir, what on earth happened?”
“Master, my name is Wang Guohua . I also know that I am just a normal taxi driver and I have never offended anyone . Just not long before I meet you . . . ” At this moment, the driver wiped his tears and began to tell me what happened .
Under the competition with Didi, the business of the taxi was getting worse and worse but the commission taxi company would charge still didn’t reduce . Therefore, in addition to working the day and night overtime, Wang Guohua finally had no choice but to install Didi App and began to take orders on it . After all, he needed to support his family .
In the small hours, Wang Guohua had drove the car around the town for a long time, but still didn’t received a single order . When he was about to end working, the phone rang . It was a car-hailing message sent by Didi .
He had been receiving this message since a few days ago and someone always would hail a car every day at this time . However, it was too far from the place to go . Even the car had been out of the city, he still had to drive for 10 more kilometers . Besides, that place was very remote, so almost no one wanted to go .
Because the business today wasnt good, Wang Guohua thought about it and finally took the order . On the way he drove to pick up that person, I also made a phone call . After all, there were a lot of bad guys now . In case encountering money robbery, he would be in trouble . This was also the reason why he was unwilling to take this car-hailing order .
Hearing it was a crisp female voice on the phone, Wang Guohua was also slightly relieved, but he still made a phone call to his colleague who was on the night shift, just in case .

Nothing bad happened, and he also picked up the ride-hailing woman and sent her to the designated location . Despite the late time and long distance, Wang Guohua finally earned a small sum of money .
And the next few days, as long as this guy hailed the car, Wang Guohua would always take the order . After a few times, he was also familiar with this passenger .
But this familiarity was just unilateral . That passenger was very strange . It was also OK that she went to the place where the bird didn’t shit every day . When Wang Guohua wanted to give his phone number to her, she also refused and still stubbornly insisted using the car-hailing app every day .
Besides, she also didn’t like talking and even never opened her mouth along the way . She just got on the car silently and only sat on the backseat, behind the drivers seat .
It all didn’t matter . After all, she really paid every time .
This day, Wang Guohua felt a little uncomfortable and wanted to finish work earlier . However, just when he got to the downstairs of his house and was ready to shut off the engine, the phone rang again and it was the girl who wanted to hail a car .
Although that place was very remote, Wang Guohua thought about it and still took the order . This time, the girl finally opened her mouth and thanked him, which made Wang Guohua feel a little happy in his heart .
However, there was a traffic accident ahead on the way back and the road was accordingly blocked for a short while . The girl looked anxious but Wang Guohua also couldn’t help . After a few words of comfort, he got of the car to have a look at the situation .
But when he got back, the girl was gone . Then he also called the girl’s number, but the voice prompt said the subscriber he dialed didn’t exist, which really scared Wang Guohua . The next day, no matter how the phone rang, he still never took the order again .
However, the girl, whose phone number actually didn’t exist, still called Wang Guohua’s phone to let him to pick her up .
Then Wang Guohua asked the girl about the thing last night, but she only said that she wanted to pee and went to one side to pee, but when she came back, the car had gone .
Wang Guohua immediately felt very embarrassed and kept making apology to her . When the girl hailed the car again, Wang Guohua took the order this time .
But this time, Wang Guohua paid much attention to this girl . She looked not more than 18 or 9 years old and very beautiful . Her clothes were still the white dress she wore first time . All these seemed to be nothing wrong, so Wang Guohua could only laugh at himself for his thinking too much .
When he smoothly sent the girl to the destination, he suddenly felt his stomach uncomfortable . Seeing the girl go far away, he hastened to get out of the car to find a remote place to take shit .
When he just finished it and went out, he saw an old lady in black looking inside through his car window .
Then he hastened to call the old lady, but she just smiled weirdly at him and shivered away .
Wang Guohua checked his car and there was no problem, but only a newspaper appeared in the drivers seat .
You have to know, his car window was never open, so how could the newspaper be in the car?
Wang Guohua was startled . However, when he picked up the newspaper and was about to throw it away, he saw a big photo in the newspaper, and it was the girl who had been taking his car . More surprisingly, the title of that photo was that “Single girl was killed late at night, whose body was still missing” .
Wang Guohua threw the newspaper away and stormed home . After that, it took days of sickness before he got back to work . He also had changed the shift with his colleagues and started his own day shift . However, he still would get a phone call from that girl to let him drive to pick her up .
Wang Guohua freaked out . Even he shut down the phone, the girls phone call would still be able to call in .
His hand began to tremble, and he told her what had happened that night .
I just looked at him strangely and found the black gas on the body of Wang Guohua was very light . I always thought it was his family who had encountered the ghost, but what didnt expect was that it was him . However, there was little YIN gas on his body, which didn’t make sense .
“Well, sir . Did you pick up the girl after that?”
Wang Guohua just shook his head, saying, “No, I didn’t dare to go . ”
“Did the girl do anything but make phone call to you?”
Wang Guohua continued shaking his head, “No . She only let me pick her up every time . If I said no, she would hung up, but she would call me every day and I also couldn’t stand that . ”
At this moment, old Mr . Chang interrupted and said, “Master, was it him who had promised the girl something?”
Hearing the sage-liked old man with white beard call me master, Wang Guohua was a little surprised and then he answered old Mr . Chang, “Never . What can I promise her? She never talked after she got in the car and I also was not talkative . ”
I nodded and continued asking him, “Well . What about your colleague who had changed the shift with you? Did he receive any information about her car-hailing?”
There suddenly was a glimpse in his eyes and his look turned terribly bad . It had been a long time before he opened his mouth .
“Yes, he had received, but he had been dead . ”

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