A Guest in a Ghost House - Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 Saving a Taoist
I walked forward, smiling at Lulu . I picked up a dish under Lulu’s cold gaze, taking it to the man in the long gown . Sadly, that man never planned to give me a tip, so I had to dismiss any notions of pleasing Lulu .
I sat beside the bar counter, dismissing Xiao Lingdang who would always make sure to remind me, “You promised me” . Just then, I remembered that my phone had been ringing just a few moments ago . I had forgotten about it after being interrupted by the man in long gown .
I took out my phone immediately . There was a missed call from Wu Jian and a text message from him .
I opened the message . There was a short sentence, “Are you on duty? Please save that Taoist!”
Taoist? Right, the Taoist! I realized it after I saw the short message . A Taoist priest had been dragged into the ghost house . I shivered . I was so familiar with Sister Hua and Lulu now, I almost forgot that they were ghosts who might harm human beings .
I could understand Wu Jian . Although I believed that Taoist was a charlatan, he was a human being . Moreover, if I could persuade those ghosts not to harm human beings, I would be safe . Xiao Lingdang said they were all spiritual ghosts, after all .
I coughed, turning around and looking at Lulu . I smiled and said, “Um, Lulu?”
Lulu rolled her eyes and turned around . The sight of her plump breasts jutting towards me made me swallow loudly . She had been a woman any man would want to marry .
It was such a pity that she was a ghost .
Lulu might not be the right one to respond . As for the others, Yan’er got together with the man in the long gown . Moreover, I was not familiar with her . I dared not to ask Sister Hua . It seemed my only option was to ask Xiao Lingdang .
Looking around, I saw Xiao Lingdang sitting in the corner alone . I walked toward her immediately .
“Xiao Lingdang . ”
“Humph . ”
Oh, how dare this young girl give me a bad look? Well, ok, they all dared to look at me that way .
I immediately tried to please her, “Xiao Lingdang, whats the matter? Who wronged you? I’ll take care of him!”
Xiao Lingdang looked at me angrily, “I don’t speak to people who never keep promises . . . Humph!”
Things weren’t so bad if she was still willing to speak to me . It meant the situation could still be remedied, I suppose .
“Who never keeps their promises? I’ll teach them a lesson!”
Xiao Lingdang said in a sobbing tone, “You . It’s you . ”
I looked around guiltily . Xiao Lingdang’s voice attracted several sisters attention . They all looked displeased . Their hair fluttering in the wind . I shivered, and quickly said, “Xiao Lingdang, I am just kidding . I came here to ask you where your skin is . ”
Xiao Lingdang looked doubtful, but she still said, “I dont know . ”
Xiao Lingdang stopped crying, and the temperature around me became warmer . The other sisters seemed less angry now .
“Um, Xiao Lingdang, since you dont know, how can I help you? Say, the man you caught is imprisoned in the shed, isnt he?”
Xiao Lingdang said doubtfully, “We havent got a shed . ”
Um, people in the TV shows always kept their prisoners in the shed . The old saying was true: believing everything books said was as mindless as believing in nothing .
“Where did you imprison him?”
Xiao Lingdang tilted her head and thought about it for a moment . “I dont know . He might be on the third floor . ”
The third floor? The ghost house had three floors . However, I hadn’t been to the third floor . Although there were two staircases that led towards the third floor, both of them were broken .
I said curiously, “Why is he on the third floor?”
Xiao Lingdang answered very quickly, “Because Sister Xiaozui and the others are on the third floor . ”
“Sister Xiaozui?” I repeated doubtfully . I became friends with the female ghosts because I gave away all my tips . However, I’d never heard that name, Xiaozui .
I continued to ask, “Xiao Lingdang, who is Sister Xiaozui? Why dont I know her?”
“Sister Xiaozui is on the third floor . However, she never comes down the stairs . ” Xiao Lingdang said it as a matter of course .
It occurred to me that everything I bought in the old woman’s cerements store came in 108 sets . However, I had only met about 40 ghosts so far . What about the rest? Might the rest of them be on the third floor? However, what were they all doing up there?
“Xiao Lingdang, how many sisters are on the third floor? Why dont they go down the stairs?” I asked curiously .
Xiao Lingdang became gloomy and said in a sobbing tone, “Many sisters are on the third floor . Sister Hua said Sister Xiaozui does not want to be a spiritual ghost . ”
I was shocked . She was reluctant to be a spiritual ghost . Was she a resentful ghost, a stubborn ghost or a ferocious ghost?
I spoke out my doubts . Xiao Lingdang told me that all those ghosts were definitely resentful and ferocious . Therefore, nobody in the guest house could bother them .
My heart felt cold . Saving the Taoist seemed to be beyond hope . If I went to the third floor, I would be killed by them .
Seeing me stay silent, Xiao Lingdang said, “Brother, will you go to the third floor?”
I shook my head immediately . Are you kidding me? I already felt scared on the first floor, let alone the third floor .
Xiao Lingdang looked at me with a strange look . It seemed that she did not understand why I asked about the third floor, since I didnt want to go up there . I tried idea different approach . I tried my best to save him, because the Taoist was as alive as I am .
“Xiao Lingdang, did you see the Taoist who was brought into the ghost . . . uh, the Fan House just now?”
Xiao Lingdang shook her head, “Nope . ”
I didnt know how to respond . Fortunately, Xiao Lingdang got curious, “Brother, is he your friend? I can ask around for you . ”
I nodded, and then shook my head . I explained under Xiao Lingdang’s doubtful eyes, “He is my friends friend . Xiao Lingdang, please try to help me . ”
Xiao Lingdang nodded, but then she gave me an aggrieved look, “But you never you’re your promise to find my skin for me . ”
I broke out a sweat . I laughed, “Um, fine, I will help you find it . However, where is it?”
“I dont know where my skin is . I can only remember feeling pain . When I stopped feeling the pain, I was here . ”
I tried to comfort Xiao Lingdang, telling her, “Xiao Lingdang, your skin might be in this building . Later, I will search the rooms one by one . I will find it”
Xiao Lingdang nodded . “Well, thank you . Brother, I will find the Taoist for you . I will not let them bully him . ”
Great! I took care of the task that was given to me by Wu Jian . However, I became gloomy when I remember that I still had to find her skin . I thought I should get Wu Jian to help me with that .
However, I first had to keep Wu Jian safe . I told Xiao Lingdang, “Xiao Lingdang, my friend who is the friend of the Taoist, he is good at finding things . I will have him help you find it tomorrow, but you and your Sisters cannot frighten him - especially the Sisters on the third floor . ”
Xiao Lingdang nodded immediately, “Okay, dont worry . However, I will not go out in the daytime . Sister Hua said girls need their beauty sleep . ”

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