A Guest in a Ghost House - Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 Xiaoru disappears
The flashlight in He Xiaoru’s hand stopped flickering and the light shone on the shadowy figure on the ground .
It wasn’t Kitty, but a skinless monster whose blood vessels had burst as the red liquid poured all around it .
Xiaoru and I screamed loudly, running as fast as we could towards the street . The monster’s cry reached my ears, Brother, you promised to help me find Kitty!
I ran faster . As soon as I reached the end of the front yard I fell down on the street and felt blood pour out of my head .
The lights in the street began to flicker, making the whole street feel like a nightmarish scene . I felt pain everywhere . Blood got into my eyes, I couldn’t open them anymore, even though I tried many times .
Blue and red lights flashed alternatingly . There was a loud sound, but I couldn’t recognize it .
My vision blurred, my surroundings were noisy and were getting louder . I felt like I was being raised up by others . It was clear that I had failed to run away .
My whole body was in pain . I regained my consciousness faintly . I awoke to a familiar voice, Are you awake?
I tried to open my eyes . I was lying on a bed . The weather outside was sunny . Wu Jian was sitting by my side, smoking a cigarette .
I tried witting up with all my strength, while Wu Jian just watched instead of helping me . My forehead became sweaty .
Whats wrong with me? I licked my dry, cracked lips .
Wu Jian flipped his cigarette, saying casually, You’re fine; you just fell down . Then landed on a stone . You’re not dead . . .
Obviously I wasn’t dead . Otherwise, I wouldn’t be in the hospital, or in so much pain .
Why were you in Building No . 108 last night? Did you have another bad feeling?
Building No . 108? Wu Jian’s word confused me for a while .
Oh, I’m referring to the ghost house you often mentioned while you were out .
The memory of the ghost house came flooding back into my mind, making me shiver despite the warm sunlight .
Are you frightened? Wu Jian’s tone remained insipid .
I nodded silently, What happened last night?
What a coincidence! That’s what I was about to ask you . Why don’t you tell me the beginning, middle, and climax? I can fill you in on the details of the end .
I hated the way he talked to me .
I hesitated saying anything, but I still replied . Even if I do tell you, you won’t trust me .
I trust you . Wu Jian’s words remained firm .
I had already heard I trust you many times from this guy . I wasn’t impressed .
Wu Jian noticed the silence . Putting out his cigarette, he began to speak .
Last night, some people called the police because several children had gone to the ghost house and never came back . As the guardians of the common people, we went out to find them . To our surprise, we saw you running out as if you were being chased by ghosts . Finally, you valiantly fainted after you fell onto a stone .
Did I mention I hate the way Wu Jian talks?
What about Xiaoru? I asked .
Wu Jian’s eyebrows curved inward to display a questioning look, Who is Xiaoru?
Now, I was also confused, She’s the girl who ran out of the ghost house with me .
My colleague said he only saw you running out of the ghost house .
Only me? But where is Xiaoru? I remembered clearly that I held her hand as I ran out .
Wu Jian got serious, You mean there was a girl who went inside the ghost house with you?
I nodded immediately .
Wu Jian took out a pen and notebook . Tell me everything you know .
Now that Xiaoru was involved, I explained everything, no matter how strange it was .
His face changed ceaselessly as I talked . In the end, his face was blank, yet baffled . That was the first time I’d seen that look since I’d met him .
For a long time, Wu Jian just stared at me with a strange look .
His eyes began making me uncomfortable, so I said, Whether you trust me or not, it’s the truth .
I trust you, we’ll take a break now . I’m going to step outside . Wu Jian stood up and went outside .
I didnt want to say any more anyway after hearing him say the word trust again . As he was stepping out, I shouted after him, What about the others?
Wu Jian opened the door and stepped out, saying without turning his head, I’ll tell you about that later .
Although my head hurt, it wasn’t serious . My head was bound with gauze instead of stitches, and I looked like a patient .
Wu Jian returned the next afternoon . He lit a cigarette after he stepping into the ward .
I started getting concerned with his silence, Whats going on? I asked .
Wu Jian didn’t look up, “What do you mean?”
Xiaoru, Chen Kai and his friends, and… the ghost house . ” I hesitated .
Wu Jian picked his eyebrows, I’ve searched for He Xiaoru . She was an employee in a phone store across the street . However, we could not find her . As for those three children, they are all dead . There is a lot of gossip about No . 108 . It is said the government plans to destroy that building to control the situation .
What do you mean? Now it was my turn to ask .
Wu Jian stared at me with a sad look, He Xiaoru hasn’t come to work for several days and there’s nobody at her home . I’m trying to contact her family now .
I fought an urge to slap his face . Why hadn’t he started looking for her relatives immediately?
Wu Jian seemed to know what I was thinking and continued, Dont worry . My colleagues are already searching . By the way, do you know how those three children died? The forensics doctor believes the boys ate themselves to death . However, their stomachs were empty . The strange girls body was riddled with bullet holes . She seems to have been killed by a machine gun . ”
Hearing his words, I was stunned . The cause of death of those three, young, teenagers was beyond my imagination .
Now, I’m curious as to how it’s possible that you stayed alive and where He Xiaoru is . ” He sighed . “I hate these kind of cases .
Are there many cases like this one? I asked, kind of hoping I wasn’t alone .
Not many, but strange cases like this one show up occasionally . Don’t change the subject! Tell me how you managed to stay alive .
I shook my head, because I really didnt know . Perhaps, it was because I had lit the paper money for them, or because I never went to the second floor on my own accord .
Wu Jian didn’t seem to hope for a good answer from me . He lit another cigarette with the smoldering butt of the first and puffed slowly, spitting out two smoke rings .

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