A God's Apocalyptic Entertainment - Chapter 197

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Hey Guys, its been a long time, longer than I thought it would be .
So yeah as seen in the title Im on Hiatus, no point not saying it as this point . Its been a few months . Honestly I was sure I would get a chapter out since the last one, but just havent .
Truthfully if you follow my other novels you know I still do release chapters and stuff, I just havent done anything with this novel in a while . I have been busy . I got a second job at the start of the year, started university in March and with the Corona Virus, funnily enough I am even busier . (I work in a medical field/ship and package medical goods . It has been hectic and busy last few weeks . )
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The Novel I am currently working to finish, Spider-man, has been having erratic updates because of this, generally once or twice a week…so what can I say, I just dont have the time right now for writing . Not just this but everything .
As I said before I want to finish that novel before I get back to this one and that is what I am likely to do . Im not too sure where my head will be at by that point, maybe I wont want to continue, I wont promise anything till Im completely sure . Its looking to be another few months before I even finish that, at the rate Im going .
I dont want to leave you guys waiting for the next chapter any further without at least telling you this . So the novel is officially now on Hiatus .
Thanks for the Support from my long time readers, hopefully Ill see you again, so we can all finish the Adventures of Liam, Ella and Rose .
Zevren out
Update . PS . Seeing as I know some may be wondering and I dont know when I will be continuing, I can give small outlines of what I had planned going forwards . Though no spoilers I can tell you were he was going to go and a bit about the next arcs and Future arcs .

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