A God's Apocalyptic Entertainment

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy

Chapters: 402

Last update: 23 days ago

3.3 /5

Volume 1 SynopsisLiam was having the worst day of his life.His mother just died from complications during birth.His baby sister just died shortly after being born.And his dad died 3 months ago because of a hit and run.You wouldn't think it could get worse.You wish it couldn't get worse.************************************Volume 2 SynopsisFinally exiting the hospital of hell, our hero finds himself in a familiar but devastated town. How much has changed in the week since the apocalypse has started? Will he be able to get stronger with his sister and get revenge on the god that caused all his pain. What new dangers await them in the outside world? How much has it changed? Nothing can prepare him for what is to come. They'll have to rely on each other if they want to survive.************************************Volume 3 SynopsisOur hero's know what is to come, but how can they prepare? How do you face a horde of players that never die? What other tricks could that damn god have up his sleeve? Will Liam see his revenge completed? No one knows what could come to pass, in this world turned game.All rights reserved 2018-2019

A God's Apocalyptic Entertainment