A Gatekeeper and The Celestial Sovereign - Chapter 9

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The door was 50 ft tall . It was made of a dark metal . Next to it Mao Lu felt goosebumps spread across his skin, the hairs on his arms stood up, and a cold air blew against him . The air smelt very stale here, and the suffocating pressure he felt had now doubled .
On the door there were strange carvings, and yet again he couldnt read them .
To protect a realm a Gatekeeper has to defend or attack, and must be highly capable at one or the other . There are many types of ways to use essence, but for a Gatekeeper there are only three main paths . Creation and Destruction, and Time . Once a path is chosen it can not be changed . Earlier you chose the less conventional path, Time .
Time! When did I chose it? Mao Lu wondered in his heart .
This doorway will lead you to where you can learn about Time . Out of the 400 Gatekeepers only 10 are on the path of Time, which you should be glad . Out of the three it is the most powerful .
So I got lucky, and chose a good path! Mao Lu felt somewhat relieved .
It wasnt luck . Gates voice was stern, It was your nature . When I asked you earlier which path you wanted to take at that crossroads, you didnt hesitate to keep going forward . Just like time, it is something that does not hesitate and will move forward regardless of what obstacle that tries to oppose it . Also the path itself also chose you, meaning you have talent for it . You are destined to become a Gatekeeper that goes down the path of Time .
. . . but… Mao Lu thought, he had hesitated, at least in his heart he had momentarily . In his entire life he only continued forward because sitting down and doing nothing wouldnt change anything . It had become his nature to always take a forward stance, but that didnt mean he didnt hesitate . There were many things in his life that hed hesitated about . Was he really destined to go on the path of Time?
Whilst Mao Lu thought this, he was also inwardly amazed at how well he was taking this and absorbing all this information . How am I so calm about all this? he wondered .
Now enter the door and begin your path . Gates commanded .
Wait . Mao Lu spoke up, Before I enter, do I get to know what Im protecting this realm from, or what the rules I must abide by are?
Although Mao Lu was rather patient, he felt that before he began training in anything he needed to understand the cost of it .
For a moment Gates was silent as if it were pondering whether now was the right time to divulge such information .
Since it is too late for you to turn back, it doesnt matter if you know now-
You mean I had a choice to turn back .
Everyone always has a choice Mao Lu, even destiny isnt undefiable . But now you have made your choice, you want to be a Gatekeeper, right?
Mao Lu felt a slight twinge in his chest, it was a feeling that hed buried in his heart long ago, when he decided not to further his education, and when his family situation turned to crap . It was ambition . He didnt want to be the underdog, he wanted power, he wanted to change his fate . He wanted excitement, and even though rationality had told him not to accept that part of the inheritance or not to open that book . He still had .

I do . I want to be a Gatekeeper .
Then I shall tell you who you are protecting this realm from . Firstly you are protecting this realm from other realms . Gatekeepers are chosen by the purity of their hearts and the strength of their virtue, this doesnt necessarily mean they are peacekeeping . Many Gatekeepers have purely demonic hearts and are bloodthirsty and ambitious . There are 200 Gatekeepers of Mortal realms like yours, but out of that 200, 130 Gatekeepers are subjugated by Gatekeepers from the 100 immortal realms or 98 Celestial realms .
The 2 Deity Gatekeepers dont bother with such a thing, but if they did your resources and the people of your realm would become their slaves, easily .
There are also many conflicts between realms due the inhabitants . A Gatekeepers duty is to give permission to those that request it, allowing travel across realms .
You are border control if you will . One Gatekeeper may give a group the permission to go to your realm, but as Gatekeeper of that realm, if you do not want them you need the strength to deny them into your realm, or to keep them under control once theyve entered . There have been many cases where a Gatekeeper hasnt been strong enough and that has led to invasions and wars by other realms .
You must protect your own territory, it is the source of your power and if it is taken by those belonging to another realm, it will no longer be yours . And your power will be short lived and your life will also be short .
Secondly you are protecting your Realm from those beyond the 400 realms . Once every 10,000 years they come and try to devour the realms, and take the verscence that lies in them . Many Gatekeepers have perished in such conflicts with those unknown beings . If you are not strong enough your realm could very well be devoured, although that hasnt happened yet Im sure you dont want to be the first . And Im youd like to avoid countless tragedies .
Before the Creator left, they instructed that no matter what, we must not let the 400 realms become devoured .
Mao Lu felt his heart clench, so it was really that dangerous . He would have to defend against other realms and at the same time defend against whatever unknown things were outside the realms .
Your predecessors were all pathetic in that they could never protect this realm properly . Other realms have taken your resources, leeched off your essence and forced your predecessors to bow to them . Wang Cao was no exception . Thats why realm 145 is a laughing stock amongst the 400 realms .
Why thats just freaking brilliant . thought Mao Lu sarcastically, the situation already sounded bad but now it sounded even worse .
So then for the rules . There are only ten rules you must follow .
Firstly, never divulge the secrets of The Gatekeepers to those that arent Gatekeepers . Secondly, you must not practice any other path, meaning never cultivate and never train in magic . Your predecessor Wang Cao made that mistake . When he was chosen as a Gatekeeper he was already a Cultivator at the foundation stage . As a Gatekeeper he had to cease cultivation, however he found the Gatekeepers path hard to train in . So he went against this rule and tried to cultivate again . This led to a massive backlash where the essence in his body began burning the blood in his veins slowly everyday as punishment . Eventually he couldnt bear it much longer and died miserably, well thats what happens when one doesnt follow the rules .
Mao Lu thought of that friendly old man, and he felt overwhelming pity, he could only imagine the amount of pain he must have been in . His blood was burning everyday . No wonder he seemed so old and worn out when theyd met so long ago . If he was a Gatekeeper shouldnt he be youthful and strong, no wonder .
He remembered how Mr . Baker had said that Wang Cao would have lived longer if hed had more talent in cultivation, but that was so wrong . It was obvious that others didnt know about the business of Gatekeepers too deeply, or else Mr . Baker never would have said something like that .
The third rule is that a Gatekeeper is not allowed to reproduce . When you become a Gatekeeper your body will change to adapt to your path and to adapt to process large amounts of essence . If you had a child they would inherit these abilities, however these abilities should only be exclusive to Gatekeepers, such an existence is a taboo . If you have a child you will be forced to kill it or bear the consequences . Gates voice was very solemn and threatening as it said this, but Mao Lu almost felt like laughing out loud .
Although he was young, and Gate probably thought he was at the peak of his life where he wanted children in the future . Mao Lu was so gay that the very thought of sleeping with a woman put him off . He wasnt going to be reproducing anytime soon . If he wanted to have a child he could always adopt, and if he ever got a partner in the future . . . well there just wouldnt be any traditional reproduction .
He smirked a little bit, but that incurred Gates anger, as it told him with a furious tone, These are serious rules, I hope you dont take them as a joke or else you will suffer in the future .
No-no-no-no-no that wasnt why I was laughing .
Regardless, take this seriously! It didnt give Mao Lu the chance to explain before it began discussing the fourth rule, Fourthly, you must train everyday and develop your path .
Five, you must not bend in your principles or go against your hearts wishes . Essence is a very pure energy, but it is more than just that . It is alive . It has its own consciousness, and if it perceives you as weak or about to do something that goes against your principles it will defy you and may never allow you to use it again . A Gatekeeper that is unable to use essence is the sames as a walking target . Respect yourself and respect the essence .
Six, you are not allowed to kill another Gatekeeper . Even if they anger you, you cant kill them and vice versa .
Seven, you must not teach another Gatekeeper about your path . Since you are on the path of time you can not discuss it with Gatekeepers of creation or destruction, although you may discuss it with other Gatekeepers of Time .
Eight, you must participate in the Gatekeeper ranking contest that occurs every century .
Nine, You are never allowed to reveal or open the book of Gates, myself, around others that arent Gatekeepers .
And last but not least, You are not to kill wantonly and without reserve, if your actions are deemed too extreme I have the ability to execute you .
Mao Lu felt extremely somber . These were serious rules and responsibilities that he shouldnt take lightly .
Now that you have been enlightened on these matters, are you ready to step on to the path of Time .
I am . Mao Lu said as he stared at the large door .
Before him it opened, and a invisible force dragged him inside . Mao Lus eyes opened wide . This . . . this . . this was time .

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