A Gatekeeper and The Celestial Sovereign - Chapter 16

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Mao Lu enjoyed their reactions and continued eating the hotpot whilst they babbled and gushed .
In your life you need people that will support you throughout your misfortunes and fortunes . Those who arent happy for your success cant be called your real friends .
Mao Lu chowed down more of the hotpot and tried to control his breathing . He felt rather nervous .
Mao Lu wanted to come out to Zhao Detong and Fei Bing Bing . Hed been hiding for so long . Inside of him hed still been harbouring love for Detong, and that wasnt healthy . Now that his life was changing so dramatically, he felt that now was the time to at least make some stability with his friends .
He needed to be honest with them . He needed to trust them .
He drank some water . Detong . Bing Bing . Theres something else Id like to tell you .
He glanced at them and realised they were giving him their undivided attention .
You see . When I was younger… I noticed that I was different from others around me . But I couldnt express it, my parents had such traditional values and I was supposed to have an arranged marriage to that bitch Lee Heri . I was afraid that if I told them that I was different, my parents would throw me aside . So I did everything to hide it . And I was okay with that . I was okay living like that .
But then I fell in love with someone . Everyone has a first love and I… I fell deeply in love with that person but I swallowed it and I hid it because I was afraid and I knew there would never be a chance between us . Even now although Im mostly over it, I still have lingering feelings for that person . And over the years these feelings have consumed me with guilt and anguish .
When the bankruptcy occurred I told myself that if I said anything Id break my parents hearts and Id ruin my friendship .
And as the years went by I tried to hide it . But Ive met people like Tanaka Kato who are so open and free and I became jealous and it made me want to be like that .
Now that my debts are gone I want to live my life the way Ive always wanted to . I want to find love…
I guess what Im trying to say is . He fidgeted somewhat and drank some more water .
Im gay . Im homosexual . I like men . The moment he said it he felt relieved like a weight was off his shoulders, but at the same time he was apprehensive . .
How would they react?
When he finally gathered the courage to look up he saw the sparkling eyes and wide smiles of Fei Bing Bing and Zhao Detong .
He told us! Bing Bing laughed and extended her hand towards Zhao Detong who gave her 50RMB .
I didnt think he would but Im glad I was wrong . Im so glad you trusted us Mao Lu and opened up . You need to know that I fully support you, we both do . Zhao Detong said seriously after giving Bing Bing the money .
You guys knew! Mao Lu was beyond surprised . Since when, how, what?

As far as Mao Lu was concerned hed never made it obvious .
Well I found out rather recently . A month ago Detong narrated the story of how hed overheard two female bartenders at Roaring Tiger .
Mao Lu paled a bit, that was the only time hed gone a blind date . It was because Tanaka had been breathing down his neck for months, so hed caved in an ended up going .
He hadnt been into the guy he met and hed planned on rejecting him at the end of the date from the start anyways, so it just ended there . It was only a week later that he found out that the man from his blind date was his colleagues brother .
Hed spoken to her privately to keep it quiet but it seemed shed been gossiping behind his back, and that led to Detong finding out .
Mao Lu could only inwardly sigh .
So what about that girl in high school you told us about? Bing Bing was leaning forward in interrogation mode .
I obviously lied Mao Lu leaned back in his chair, he somehow felt defeated . In his head hed made such a big deal about this but his friends acted like it was nothing .
What! why would you make up a crush? Bing Bing was annoyed, Do you have any idea how many hours I spent trying to find out who this imaginary girl was?
Well you were the one that kept interrogating me . Asking me who my crush was and who did I like . You wouldnt get off my back about it so I had to make up something . Mao Lu explained .
Bing Bing pouted, she knew that she could be a little much sometimes . But shed always been interested in Mao Lus love life . Even now he was so beautiful, with those warm big brown eyes, jade like skin, long eyelashes and glossy black hair . Mao Lu was gorgeous . And with his calm and strict self disciplined temperament, Mao Lu had the air of a well versed Scholar that could become a warrior at the drop of a hat .
Mao Lu was fierce and a refined beauty, and Bing Bing always thought that anyone hed fall in love with would have to be just as amazing . Thats why she was always curious .
So who did you have a crush on then, you said it yourself . You fell in love with someone . So who was it? Bing Bing leaned in curiously .
Mao Lus fingers became sweaty and he felt his heart pound . I…
His eyes swivelled towards Zhao Detong, lingering for a few seconds before he averted his gaze . I…
Bing Bings curious yet playful smile froze . Mao Lu… You . . you liked Detong?
Zhao Detongs expression had also frozen .
I…I . . Im over it by now so theres no need bringing it up . Mao Lu gazed into his glass of water, he didnt dare stare at them .
The atmosphere became increasingly awkward .
Mao Lu… I had no idea you felt that way… Detong said slowly .
I told you I dont anymore . It was just a stupid first love, puppy love! So dont be full of yourself thinking Ive been hung up on you all these years . He snapped . He said it in a lot more of a bitter tone than hed intended to .
The atmosphere went from awkward to dead . No one said anything and the table was scarily quiet .
Mao Lus hands shook underneath the table . Perhaps this was the part hed been most scared of when he thought of coming out . It was admitting hed fallen in love with Zhao Detong .
Its in the past right? So its not like it will affect our friendship, right? Theres no reason for this to be so awkward . Zhao Detong attempted to revive the conversation .
Youre right! Mao Lu looked Zhao Detong in the eye, unwaveringly . Its in the past and no matter what youll always be my best friend .
Even though he said this, deep down he was slightly hurt .
He was even more hurt by the way Fei Bing Bing was staring at him, as if she felt threatened by him .
Zhao Detong reached across the table and grabbed Mao Lus hands in his . Our relationship wont change just because of some past crush . I will always love you as my sworn brother Mao Lu .
Through his touch and the gentleness in his voice Mao Lu could feel Detongs sincerity . He yet again felt tears leaking from his eyes .
Hed cried more today than he had in the last 6 years .
He squeezed Zhao Detongs hands back .
When they finally separated and dropped Mao Lu home, there was a rather bittersweet feeling in the air .
Im going to be busy with work at the company for a while, but we need to have drinks together soon Mao Lu, Okay . Detong smiled at him .
Id like that .
Then its a plan .
Detong waved to Mao Lu and then drove off with Bing Bing .
Even though it had been a bit hard closer to the end, Mao Lu still felt relieved by the confession .
Are you finally planning on training today? Gates voice popped into Mao Lus head . It sounded rather annoyed .
You were busy most of the day tediously working at that convenience store and then you had dinner till so late . Have you forgotten the fourth rule? You must train everyday . Please take your responsibilities seriously . Violating the rules bode serious consequences .
I know I know . Dont worry its early, only 19:00 . We have plenty of time . Plus I also bear a responsibility to my employers . Just quitting and walking out the very same day is very irresponsible and goes against my principles . So youll just have to deal with it .
Tomorrow Im giving my resignation into Roaring Tiger and Cafe Éclair so well be training late then too .
Gates groaned . Fine, but I hope you get serious the moment these responsibilities are out of the way .
I will .
Just as Mao Lu was heading towards the stairs, Gates swooped him into the air .
Huh!! What are you doing?!!! Mao Lu shouted as he watched his apartment building get smaller and smaller .
Since its so early, I thought Id take you too an important place .
An important place! Mao Lu shouted above the sound of the whistling wind that smashed against his ears .
The Gatekeeper offices .
Gatekeeper offices?!!! I have that? Mao Lu yelled .
Of course . Each realm has a Gatekeeper Office . It is your main base of operations . How else do you think you create permits and passes and visas for people going to and from this realm? You are just one Gatekeeper and there are trillions of inhabitants of this realm who would like to travel and just as many whod like to come here . Did you think you did all of this on your own? Of course you have an office .
Who do you think have been managing things when Wang Cao died and you were adjusting to your role? Honestly you ask the dumbest questions .
Dumbest questions! Mao Lu felt like smacking Gates, how was it a dumb question? None of this fantasy magic-cultivator-practitioner and Gatekeeper nonsense had made any sense so far . Nothing followed common sense or logic to Mao Lu . So he had assumed that he was capable of dealing with this border and passes business all on his own . Hed just assumed he had some magic power for that .
How was he supposed to know he had an office?

They travelled through the air at a speed that made Mao Lu feel sick . He was sure they were going faster than a plane and he was certain that any normal person would have been ripped apart by the air pressure . But perhaps it was because hed become stronger or because Gates was working its magic, but Mao Lu was relatively okay .
In less than 5 minutes he dropped from the sky and landed neatly in the middle of a busy pedestrian walkway . Nobody seemed to notice or see that hed just dropped from the sky .
As Mao Lu looked around the busy street he quickly realised he was in the busy business district in Guamoa . And when he looked in front of him he saw the large towering building of B&B law firm .
This is your Gatekeeper offices Gates announced .

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