A Frozen Orchid - Chapter 6

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A black 2018 Porsche Panamera pulled up next to Wu Lan and Qiu Xiao, and the window lowered to reveal a gorgeous 21 year old young lady with long white hair, tan skin, and dark purple eyes . There was a hint of a faint scar made by a blade on the bottom of her jaw . She wore a casual pair of ripped dark jeans and black tank top . Black tattoos curled across her arms and extended under her shirt into her back . She peered out of the car and let out a tiger-like grin . Sis Lan, Little Xiao, its been too long!
Y-yo, Ling Xiu, its been a while, Qiu Xiao nervously gulped .
Haha, it really has been too long, Little Xiu, lets head out? Wu Lan cheerfully asked .
Sis Lan, we still have to wait a moment for my older brother, okay? Im staying at his place while Im in town, Ling Xiu said .
Okay, I know you want to reconnect with your biological family, but remember, if you ever want a little breathing room, my home is always open for you, Wu Lan said as she got into the back passenger seat . Qiu Xiao, I know you want to spend more time with Little Xiu, so go ahead and take shotgun . Ill stay back here and meet this brother of Little Xius that shell be staying with .
Okay, boss, Qiu Xiao cried tearlessy as he got into the front passenger seat . He was sure that the tiger in the seat next to him could smell his fear .
Ling Zheng walked up to the pickup area, thoughts racing . Im about to see younger sister Xiu, its been so long, do I look okay, I wonder how shes doing, okay, calm down . He took a deep breath and calmed his nerves down . She said she would be in a Panamera… I see it! He walked towards the car waving and his little sister rolled the windows down and waved back to him . He went over and saw a sight he never expected: a pale Qiu Xiao and his younger sister sitting next to each other, with the CEO of Silver Tech in the back of the car . Stiffly smiling out of shock, he asked, Little sister, you know Qiu Xiao and Ms . Wu?
Yep, us three have known each other for many years . Get in the car and we can catch up more, older brother! Ling Xiu impatiently said, faintly wondering why her brother was in such shock .
Ling Zheng climbed into the back of the car and greeted Wu Lan, Hello Ms . Wu, ho---
Hold up, Bro Zheng, Sis Lan is my sister, and you should call her as such, or at least more familiarly . I dont need any of this Ms . Wu crap in my car, Ling Xiu interjected . Qiu Xiao could be heard faintly snickering in the background . Ling Zheng helplessly looked at Wu Lan for help .
Wu Lan, barely holding her laughter back at this point said, You can call me Wu Lan then, Mr . Ling .
Hey, Sis Lan, that applies to you too, Mr . Ling is my dad, you can go ahead and call my brother more familiarly as well if you want, Ling Xiu, much less aggressively, said . Wu Lan looked at Ling Zheng for his acceptance, still rather amused .
Ling Zheng shrugged and said, Wu Lan, you can call me Ling Zheng .
A lot better, now nobodys a stranger in this car . Brother, what were you asking me out there earlier? Ling Xiu asked .
Oh, I was just curious as to how you knew Qiu Xiao and Wu Lan, Ling Zheng responded .
Us three go back a long way, do you remember when I told you how I survived after I was kidnapped? Sis Lan was the older orphan girl who took care of me when I was about to die . Ling Xiu started .
Wait, but I heard that Wu Lan was from the Wu family . Is her situation like yours then? Ling Zheng interrupted .
Ah, I was adopted by them when I was 17 due to some unusual circumstances . Ling Xiu will probably mention them soon, so Id rather have you hear it all from one person if you are going to hear about it . Less confusing that way, Wu Lan responded .
Yeah, so as I was saying, Sis Lan was the one who rescued me from the edge of death back then . She basically taught me how to survive and keep my sanity out on those streets, even though she was only two years older herself . Back in those days, Sis Lan basically ruled over all the street urchins in the streets of City C in Country I . When I was about 13, and Sis Lan 15, she would fight in underground rings to get us enough cash to eat and live . Back in those days, she was undefeated, even against the way older opponents . They would call her the Phantom, since her movements were so fast that they left afterimages behind her, you could never see the real person, Ling Xiu continued .
Enough about my exploits, Little Xiu, youll make me blush, Wu Lan fake-shyly said .
Yeah, enough about her exploits, Ling Xiu, youll give me flashbacks, Qiu Xiao said seriously .
Why flashbacks? Ling Zheng asked .
Im getting to that, also, maybe Little Xiao should cover his ears right about now so I dont give him worse flashbacks, the pansy, Ling Xiu continued as Qiu Xiao actually covered his ears, Little Xiao had a reputation back then too, while he wasnt undefeated, he had only lost to one person out of the 100s he had fought . Unfortunately, he had to go up against my Sis Lan . The betting was very even that night, the crowd had no idea who would win . Both were the last people standing in the pool of people that fought that night, and both were covered in blood from head to toe . The two especially scared the crowd that night, because unlike the usual fighters, they only got more energetic as the night went on, like demons that fed off blood . The second the fight started, the two met fists, and everyone in the room felt the impact . A lot of people thought that the sound of bone breaking came from Sis Lan, but immediately after they met blows, Sis Lan knocked him out with a hit to the neck! Little Xiao had a broken wrist bone and was knocked out in one blow, and to top it all off, Sis Lan casually walked off towards me and said, Little Xiu, Im hungry . Whats for dinner tonight?

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