A Frozen Orchid - Chapter 5

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Wu Lan opened her eyes when she felt the flight touch down . Letting out a wide yawn, she shook a still asleep Qiu Xiao off her shoulder and groggily muttered, I thought I told you to wake me up, should I dock your pay after all?
Qiu Xiao chose that moment to jolt up and profusely apologize to Wu Lan, Boss, boss, it looks like this damn alarm stopped working on me, please dont dock my pay?
Wu Lans mouth twitched, Qiu Xiao, we cant blame technology for all of our wrongdoings, Im afraid I really cant make an except---
Come on boss, I wont mess up again, Ill treat you to a drink? Qiu Xiao implored her .
Stupid, did you really think I would dock your pay for this? But still treat me to that drink, Wu Lan laughed .
Ling Zheng had already woken up, and had a riot watching this exchange between the boss and subordinate pair . The world would cry if they knew that their mysterious Silver Tech CEO was such a serial deadpanner, he inwardly snorted .
At that moment, the seatbelt sign flicked off, and Ling Zheng got up to get his luggage . Ms . Wu, would you like me to get yours as well? he asked .
No, thats alright Mr . Ling . Qiu Xiao has to work for his pay after all, she replied . Qiu Xiao began muttering curses next to her and got up as well to retrieve their luggage .
Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mr . Ling, Im Qiu Xiao, you can just call me Qiu Xiao, Qiu Xiao amicably said .
Likewise, Im Ling Zheng, and you can just call me Ling Zheng, in that case, Ling Zheng good-naturedly said .
Well, well see you around, Ling Zheng, Qiu Xiao cheerfully said, Come on, boss .
See you, Mr . Ling, Wu Lan said . They walked out of the plane and towards the pickup area . I see you made a new friend, Qiu Xiao, she said .
I did make a new friend, are you proud? he smugly asked .
I am, its your very first friend, Im getting so emotional, Wu Lan deadpanned . Qiu Xiao lightly thwacked the back of her head, and Wu Lan let out a good guffaw . Qiu Xiao only chose to put on a wounded face .
They reached the pickup area, and Qiu Xiao asked, Whos picking us up, boss? You said itd be a surprise .
Haha, youre going to love this Xiao, its Ling Xiu! Wu Lan grinned .
Qiu Xiaos face paled a few shades, and he managed to get out, Ling Xiu? The Ling Xiu? That little beast you raised up?
Wow, youve gotten awfully brave to be calling my Little Xiu a beast! Bravo, it seems you think you can best her in a fight, maybe I should let her know, Wu Lan laughed .
No, no, no . Theres no need for that at all Great God Wu, how could Ling Xiu be a beast, shes the most perfect person to exist, after you of course, since you taught her everything she knows, haha! he nervously placated .
Thats more like it, keep that attitude and youll live decades longer, Wu Lan laughed .

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