A Frozen Orchid - Chapter 4

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Meanwhile, Ling Zheng drove his Alfa Romeo 4C Spider to the airport as well, since he was done in City F . He took the time to think about his own circumstances . Back when he was only 19, his family had already begun the competition for ownership of Ling Enterprises . Him and his four siblings all had the choice of beginning a subsidiary company in different industries under the name of Ling Enterprises, and the owner which met the most success would eventually become the owner of Ling Enterprises .
He had chosen the entertainment industry, and Glacial Entertainment was meeting with a lot of success . His unlucky youngest brother, Ling Yi, had chosen the technology industry, and had recently been very suppressed by Silver Tech . While his company, Bronze Technologies, hadnt gone bankrupt yet, it was still very close to destruction . After meeting Wu Lan today, I can see why youngest brother is having so much trouble . Even I cant guarantee I would remain unscathed by that woman, he thought . His eldest brother, Ling Mu, chose to begin a pharmaceutical research company, and his third youngest brother, Ling Lei, opted out of the competition in order to support Ling Zhen . He was currently the head of PR at Glacial Entertainment .
Their sister, Ling Xiu, had been abroad for a few years now . Her situation was rather unique . Ling Xiu had actually only been discovered to be part of the Ling family when she was 16 . She had lived with them until she was four years old, but then she was kidnapped while the family was abroad at the ancestral home, and thought to be dead . Apparently, her kidnappers had been killed while transporting her to a secure place, where they would then ask the Ling family for ransom . They never made it there . There had been a car accident which killed them, and Ling Xiu was left alone and wounded in an unfamiliar country with no way of contacting anyone . Had it not been for an older orphan girl she met that took Ling Xiu under her wing, Ling Xiu wouldve died of starvation or been trafficked .
It was only after 12 years that the Ling family found her again by coincidence, and a DNA test later, she had been reintroduced to a much older family that even had a new member shed never even met or heard about, Ling Yi . Understandably, she was more than a little shocked . So, when she turned 18 herself, she informed the Ling family that she would be travelling for a while instead of starting a subsidiary company, and only occasionally kept in contact with them . It had been 3 years since she left, and the family just got word that she would be back in City S for a while, hence the urgent call he had to take during Silvers presentation . He had been told that his younger sister would be staying in his city, and he had to house her for as long as she wanted to stay .
Ling Zheng was happy his sister was visiting, especially since they had been very close siblings before the incident, but they had both changed a lot, and still had moments of disconnect, where neither understood the others difficulty . He sighed as he exited his car and went in to the airport .
About an hour later, Ling Zheng boarded his flight and took a seat in the first class compartment, sipping his water . Closing his eyes, he just enjoyed the quiet noises around him, no conflict to be heard whatsoever .
Qiu Xiao, wake me up when the flight is over, a familiar voice said . Ling Zheng opened his eyes . In the aisle next to him, two people sat . One was an unfamiliar man with a scar Ling Zheng thought should be Qiu Xiao and the other was none other than Wu Lan!
Ill be sleeping too, boss, but if I wake up in time, Ill wake you up too, Qiu Xiao said .
Dammit Qiu Xiao, if I was meaner, I wouldve docked your pay over a hundred times today, Wu Lan wryly said .
Well, thank you for your kindness maam, good night, Qiu Xiao chortled .
How could I not find it in my heart to be kind to you, Qiu Xiao? Have a good rest, Wu Lan rolled her eyes and then noticed Ling Zheng .
What a coincidence, Mr . Zheng . Do you have any business in City S? she asked .
No, I live there . What about you? he asked .
No, I also live there, she responded .
Have a nice flight, Ms . Wu, he closed his eyes again .
You too, Mr . Ling, she said . After putting her headphones in, she closed her eyes as well . Qiu Xiao yawned and fell asleep after setting an alarm for the end of the flight .

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