A Frozen Orchid - Chapter 3

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The pair walked out of the restaurant, casually chatting, and once they were far enough away from the brightly lit entrance, a group of delinquents wielding rusted pipes surrounded them . One of the boys, who seemed to be their leader, spoke up and asked, Which one of you two is Wu Lan?
That would be me, who wants to know? Wu Lan asked . Whoever it is is clearly very stupid . What type of bird brain must one have to send a bunch of brats after me, they are clearly asking for death, thought Wu Lan . Her boredom was clearly leaking through, and Ling Zheng was the first to notice it . I had heard rumours, but who wouldve thought they were true? he thought . Many had ordered hits on Wu Lan before, and there were rumours floating around in the underworld that Wu Lan would take every hitman that went after her down with ease, and as a result, nobody would dare to go after her other than delinquents without any knowledge . Lets see if shes just putting up a front or not then, he decided .
Dead people have no need to know who killed them, the delinquent sneered .
Wow, Mr . Ling, I think theres an apt Japanese term for this kid, I think this would be called Chuunibyou Syndrome or something? How dramatic, I didnt think they actually existed! Wu Lan cheerily pointed out .
Neither did I Ms . Lan, these types of people must be pretty rare . At any rate, hes at least in high school, so he is far past the age to speak like this . Just one thing Ms . Lan, he said he was going to kill you, isnt that a problem? Ling Zheng responded in a similar cheery tone . So she has a funny side, I didnt expect this, but I like it .
Hey you two, talk all you want, but you wont be leaving here alive! Get them! the delinquent shouted, clearly very enraged . At that moment, Wu Lan let out a bright smile and the temperature in the area seemed to drop . Ling Zheng only saw flickers of her movement as all 35 armed delinquents were knocked unconscious in less than 10 seconds . Holy crap, it was true! Ling Zheng was shocked on the inside, but his expression remained the same throughout the entire debacle . Wu Lan returned to his side, all 35 delinquents on the ground without any visible wounds, and her not even out of breath . Haha, Ive let you see something unsightly today, Mr . Ling, she politely said .
Not at all Ms . Wu, it was my privilege to see an expert such as yourself in action, he said .
After another round of pleasantries, the two went to leave again, and this time, nothing happened . After Ling Zhen left, Wu Lan picked up the boy who was the leader of the delinquents and pressed a certain pressure point . He woke up gasping for air . So, who sent you, brat? Wu Lan pleasantly asked .
The delinquent, clearly scared for his life now, immediately stuttered out a response, I-I-I dont entirely know, b-b-b-but it was a-a-a pretty woman w-w-who stayed in the Y-Yellow Pines hotel for the b-business convention down the street . S-she said that you were a t-threat to her life and w-would wreck her home, p-p-please dont kill me .
Wu Lan began interrogating the kid for more information, but all she got out of him was that it was pretty lady who stayed in Yellow Pines, a stupidly luxurious hotel, and seemed to be crying about how Wu Lan would ruin everything . F*cking bull, I havent made any enemies recently, least of all young ladies . If Ive antagonized anyone, it would have to be Bronze Tech, when I poached Qiu Xiao as my assistant, and even then, their owner was a man . Even if this was the fellows from Bronze, I dont even care . Ive known Qiu Xiao long before he worked there, and he wasnt being treated well there . If that means that they send people after me, then Ill just take all of them down until they have nobody left to send .
Alright brat, scram, and tell the lady that she can talk to me in person if she has any concerns that she absolutely feels the need to iron out, Wu Lan said, now sounding disinterested .
Y-yes maam, the delinquent meekly said, then he ran out as fast as he could . Wu Lan waited for a few minutes, and Qiu Xiao pulled up to her, beckoning her into the car .
To the airport, Qiu Xiao, she said .
Kay, boss, he flippantly said, probably still in a good mood from his exploits without Wu Lan .

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