A Frozen Orchid - Chapter 14

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Wu Lan extended her arms towards her ceiling, letting out a deep breath . She had just finished developing a significant portion of her final project at Silver Tech, something even Qiu Xiao was oblivious to . Wu Lan was making a very special AI, straight out of a crack heads fever dreams . The AI she was making wouldnt be like a regular person at all, infinitely more capable, loyal, and dangerous, something never seen before . As she was planning on entering the Sickle Special Forces, Wu Lan would need a trump of her own to assist her daily . Qiu Xiao wouldnt be accompanying her, as she had more important tasks to entrust to him while she was gone .
Jumping out of her chair, Wu Lan checked the wall clock . It was seven AM . Bedtime, she wryly thought, heading towards her room . Collapsing on her bed, she was unconscious within 30 seconds .
The second she felt someones footsteps heading towards her bed, Wu Lan leapt to her feet, sinking into a balanced crouch on the floor, ready to attack whomever decided it was okay to waltz into her room when she was sleeping . The nerve they must have! she thought, irritated at her interrupted rest .
Little sister, its me! As much as Id love to fight you, I would hate to destroy your nice furniture! Wu Fan yelped, shocked at her alertness . He had barely stepped through her doorway!
Fan, what do you want? Its too early for this, Wu Lan grumbled, annoyance radiating from her body .
Early! Lan, its one PM, if this is early, when is late! Wu Fan exclaimed, indignant .
Wu Lan glanced at the clock, relaxing her body . It really was one . Ive overslept, huh . Ill catch a nap later, I should check in on the office for a few hours, Wu Lan thought . Fan, would you like to visit the office with me? Ive got to check in on my employees for a little bit, since Ive been relegating work to them for a while, she asked .
I wont visit the office with you, but I have to visit a few officials in the city anyway . I have to collect reports from them before I leave, Wu Fan said, back to his cheerful self . Wu Lan nodded, and after grabbing a quick coffee and lunch, they left .
After dropping Wu Fan off at the Capitol Building, Wu Lan drove into Silver Techs office building, a gleaming skyscraper . Parking her BMW in the garage, Wu Lan stepped out of her car, black heels clacking on the concrete . Today, she was dressed in a silver, empire-waisted, knee-length dress, exposing her smooth shoulders, but covering her arms, skin-colored leggings, and three-inch black heels, the shoes criss-crossing up her leg, stopping mid-calf . Wu Lan had light makeup on, bringing her metallic eyes out, and wine lipstick . Her curled hair bounced lightly as she walked past the receptionist, and into the elevator . She pressed the button to the top floor, waiting patiently as the lift rose . It stopped about halfway to let someone else in, and an average looking, middle aged man with graying brown hair, dark brown eyes, and walked in . CEO Wu, its been a while, how are you?
This man was none other than the head of PR at Silver Tech, Hui Ru . An old card in the business world, he was renowned throughout the inner circles of business to be able to clean up any situation, gaining the nickname, Custodian .
Im doing well, how about you? Wu Lan neutrally responded .
Im doing great, Hui Ru said, an innocuous smile on his face . After exchanging pleasantries, Hui Rui reached the floor he was headed to, and while walking out, he threw out one last comment . CEO Wu, Ill be working with you in Glacial Entertainment, I look forward to it .
The elevator door closed and let out a ding, leaving Wu Lan standing alone with a smile frozen on her face . Damn, damn, damn, I hate dealing with him, and hes the one Qiu Xiao sent to assist me? Bullsh*t . That goddamn old man is friggin irritating to see through . Qiu Xiao, youre about to get it . Although Wu Lan admitted the old mans capability, even considering him as the prime candidate to succeed her in the company, she just absolutely hating having to run circles around him . In her opinion, it was a useful skill to have, but why the hell does she have to use it inside her own company, no matter how adept they both were at it . Wu Lan was raging on the inside, and the only indicator was the cold pressure leaking into the air . With another ding, the elevator opened, and still unknowingly leaking her cold aura, Wu Lan strode out . All of the top employees working on her floor sweatdropped, shrinking into their seats .

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