A Frozen Orchid - Chapter 13

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Wu Fan opened his eyes . It had been two hours since he had passed out, intoxicated . Blearily wiping his eyes, he stumbled to his feet and staggered towards a sleeping Wu Lan . The moment he got within an arms length of her, she cracked her eyes open . Unlike their usual metallic gold and silver, they were now flashing like molten metal . When Wu Fan made eye contact with her, the phenomenon faded away, eyes returning to their usual muted tones . Its two AM, lets go, he said, slurring slightly . Wu Lan only nodded, jumping lightly to her feet . She shook Ling Xiu awake and motioned for her to take her brother home . Ling Xiu, clearly suffering, slung the knocked out Ling Zheng over her shoulder and walked out .
Wu Lan sighed, stretching out, clearly very awake . Lets go Fan, Ive got work tomorrow .
Lan, why dont you just scrap the company? We all know you got bored of it last year, you dont need to keep going anymore . Wu Fan slurred, releasing what he had weighing on his mind for a while .
. . . I will, just not now . Im working on something special right now, so until thats complete, Silver Tech will remain under my supervision . Ive been looking for someone capable enough to take over, Fan . After I complete my final job, I will join the Sickle Special Forces with you, and we can handle this war together, Wu Lan said, looking at the ceiling in contemplation .
Wu Fan looked at his adoptive sister, and didnt know what to make of her . They got along so well, but he never knew what she was truly thinking . Sometimes he thought that her constant humorous attitude was just a mask, hiding the side of her he saw slip out sometimes, the blank slate, the killer, the one that just didnt care . Looking back, when he gave her the Wu familys training regimen, she completed them without a hitch . When he took her out on her final exam mission for Zimubiao Eastpoint Military Academy, she took out a whole troop on her own, wearing a smile as the stench of blood rose throughout the field . Not once did she waver, not once did she ever slip up, but it was peaceful times like these when the mask seemed to slip . Shaking his head, letting the complicated thoughts dissipate, Wu Fan followed Wu Lan out of the bar .
Looking up at the moonlit sky, Wu Lan lamented the lack of stars . Back where she grew up, stars littered the sky like trash, and she would gaze on them every night . Quietly laughing to herself, she thought, Who wouldve known Id miss that cesspool every night? Looking behind her, she saw her brother sauntering on the streets, seemingly steady to the untrained eye . Wu Lan, however, could clearly see just how out of it he was . Compared to his usual fluid grace, Wu Fan was basically just a lanky bear right now . Wu Lan fished her keys out of her pockets and beckoned her brother into her apartment building, bringing him along to her penthouse .
Ambling into Wu Lans house, Wu Fan was treated to a feast for the eyes . Pictures from all over the world framed on white walls, tall windows clearing a twinkling city view, and best of all, two gorgeous cats jumping on top of Wu Lans body, one sprawled across her shoulders, and the other plopped on top of her head . Wu Lan did not react at all, making clear what a common occurrence this was, and led Wu Fan to the guest room she had prepared at all times, in case a family member or friend had to stay overnight .
Wu Lan, dont you have a hangover or anything? Wu Fan suddenly asked .
No, why? I dont get hangovers, you should know by now . The longest alcohol has ever affected me has been five hours, it was before we met . Go to sleep for now, I have some business I need to attend to, Ill probably be asleep by nine AM, Wu Lan turned and strode out . The time was three AM .

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