A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse - Chapter 48

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The next morning, heavy rain suddenly came pouring from the sky, but the temperature wasn’t affected by it at all. There was even a faint trend of it getting hotter and hotter, carrying a trace of sultry breath in the humid air.

Ning Feng and Duan Wenyu walked out of their room.

Looking at the wet ground outside the window, Ning Feng immediately became worried, and he couldn’t help but sigh. “I reckon that after a few more days of rain, the weather will turn completely hot. When that time comes, mosquitoes and all kinds of insects will reach adulthood. Then, wearing long-sleeved clothes and trousers in the prickly heat cannot be avoided.”

The other people who had been sitting in the living room early on heard this. They watched the rain outside the window and suddenly became melancholy.

Xie Jun couldn’t help but lament as he said, “There’s nothing we can do about this. If only there’s a way to disperse these zombie insects!”

After all, no one could stop the changing of the alternating seasons, and in order to take precautions against the zombie insects, they have to wrap themselves up tightly no matter how hot it gets.

Xiao Yan saw the grave expression on everyone’s faces and wanted to shift the topic. She looked around and couldn’t help but wonder as she looked upstairs, “Why haven’t WuYi and them come down yet? We have to go after eating.”

“Tsk, they must be idling in bed.” Jiang Qiu remembered what the little hamster exposed before, and it suddenly made him think that this could be the truth.

Hearing this, Duan Wenyu couldn’t help but feel like laughing. He stood up and said, “Then I’ll go upstairs and call them!”

However, before Duan Wenyu could even take a step, the door of the master bedroom upstairs opened, and the lovely youth and Nie Xiao came downstairs one after the other.

One was bouncing and energetic, while the other had dark eyes and was sluggish.

Seeing this scene, everyone couldn’t help but imagine a ** big drama labeled “not suitable for children”. For a while, the eyes gazing at the two of them were strange.

Yi! One good, big mouthful of seeds.

Nie Xiao wasn’t able to sleep well all night because of the youth raising the subject of his biological parents. At this time, he felt everyone’s subtle gazes and suddenly felt his whole person was unwell.

Meanwhile, Xiao WuYi didn’t notice anything in the slightest as he cheerfully said “good morning” to everyone and then rushed to the big tiger’s side to hug the other’s shaggy neck.

The big tiger was “neck locked” unsuspectingly. He was stunned for two seconds but didn’t struggle. He sniffed the young boy’s smell carefully and found that he was not deeply contaminated by Nie Xiao’s scent. He inwardly heaved a sigh of relief.

However, he didn’t know why he was relieved.

Xiao WuYi didn’t know what the big tiger was thinking. He affectionately touched the big tiger’s head and softly and cutely said, “General, General, you’re so good to me! Did you know me before? Are you my relative?”

Hearing Xiao WuYi’s question, the big tiger was taken aback. The youth’s innocent and honest face was reflected in his light golden tiger eyes as he sunk into contemplation.

It seemed that some very important memories were buried in the depths of his mind. At the moment, he was definitely only falling short on recalling it at the critical juncture. But to no avail, it was quickly shrouded in a gray mist.

His large tiger palm couldn’t help but hold his head as he issued an uncomfortable, low cat roar.

——I can’t remember either.

Xiao WuYi saw the big tiger’s uncomfortable appearance and also heard the other party’s voice, causing him to immediately rub the big cat’s head with his hands to promptly calm him by saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay. It doesn’t matter if General can’t remember; Baby also can’t remember it anyway.”

Being comforted like that, the big tiger’s mood began to calm down, and he couldn’t help but rub his head against the youth’s palm, his eyes unconsciously filled with tenderness.

The others watched this person-to-tiger interaction and couldn’t help but feel a little mystified.

Ning Feng couldn’t make sense of it for the longest time. He looked up at Nie Xiao in a daze, and said, “It’s pretty good if a felid and a murid aren’t becoming natural enemies as they should be, but still, why would they be relatives? Is General also a fairy?”

Before Nie Xiao could answer, Xie Jun beside him suddenly remembered how they met the big tiger in the mountains before and couldn’t help but say, “There might really be a connection between them. Maybe General took the initiative to follow us because of Little Boss. ”

Nie Xiao didn’t explain the reason carefully, but he didn’t deny it. He nodded and said, “He may indeed be related to Baby’s past.”

Hearing Nie Xiao’s affirmation, everyone was briefly surprised before suddenly becoming a little curious.

Jiang Qiu turned his head to look at the little teenager and the big cat who were intimately hugging at the side and couldn’t help but click his tongue in wonder. “Is it possible that we even have an army of monsters on earth?”

Before Jiang Qiu finished speaking, everyone was already looking at Possier beside him.

Maybe there really are.

Possier: “…”

To tell you the truth, I’m an alien.

Possier responded with an embarrassed yet polite smile to everyone, and then looked towards the youth and the big tiger’s direction, his eyes appearing pensive.

After Xiao WuYi comforted the big tiger, he moved close to Nie Xiao’s side and said regretfully, “Daddy, General said he doesn’t remember it anymore.”

“It’s alright. He’ll remember it eventually.” Nie Xiao stretched out his hand and rubbed the youth’s head, gently comforting him. “Don’t worry about it right now.”

After being patted, Xiao WuYi suddenly became full of confidence again and nodded happily. “Un, when the boat gets to the pier-head, it will go straight with the current! Baby already found General!”

Seeing his innocent and optimistic appearance, Possier was once again reminded of the lovely and pure Nemo Royal Clan.

…If it’s amnesia, then he really still can’t say for sure.

The big tiger looked towards the youth again with an increasing feeling that he had forgotten something extremely important. As he became anxious, a small figure appeared vaguely in his mind, causing his heart to almost uncontrollably let out a teeth-gnashing emotion.

After this brief episode in the morning, the team continued to head to Haicheng. At noon, the heavy rain stopped, and everyone finally reached Haicheng Strait.

However, they had yet to see Wu Qingfeng’s group at the agreed place, a situation that was within their expectations.

Nie Xiao’s team was not in a hurry. They took advantage of this time to begin looking for ships nearby that could be used to cross the sea.

Preparations for crossing the sea must be done thoroughly, otherwise, being accidentally buried in the sea would certainly not be fun.

Possier also spoke to warn them, as no one in the room knew the current situation in the ocean better than him.

“If it’s crossing the sea, we must take necessary precautions against the large marine animals. They’re very powerful after becoming zombies and can easily overturn a ship. Schools of fish cannot be ignored either. In short, the ship must be reinforced with multiple layers.”

Listening to these words, Nie Xiao and the others’ expressions became serious, and they treated the preparations for crossing the sea more prudently.

Because they were at the port, they were able to soon find a relatively intact ship. After emptying the ship of zombies, they began to strengthen and repair the ship under Ning Feng’s technical guidance.

Just as everyone was methodically doing preparations, electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets that everyone placed around themselves, suddenly vibrated.

Some unowned mobile phones that fell in the ship’s cabin even rang loudly.

Nie Xiao’s team reacted almost immediately and simultaneously took out their phones. Seeing the message inside, almost everybody’s faces uncontrollably showed a touch of joy.

This was simply the best news they got after leaving the base.

Under the joint effort of various bases, the construction of the communication network has finally taken a big step forward. Although their phones can only receive news messages and cannot send messages back, this was already exhilarating enough.

“Ah ah ah, this is great!”

Ning Feng was the most emotional. He excitedly hugged Duan Wenyu and screamed, beaming with joy, “Awesome, now the scattered survivors outside the bases can also see hope.”

Nie Xiao also couldn’t restrain his glee as he swiped his finger on his phone screen to carefully browse the content of the text message.

Xiao WuYi didn’t fully understand the Chinese characters so he asked Nie Xiao to read it to him. “Daddy, Baby wants to know what’s written in it too!!”

Nie Xiao calmly rubbed his cub’s head and read the text message from the beginning once more. The text message clearly listed the location of various bases. At the same time, it also included some countermeasures and reminders of when it comes to dealing with different kinds of situations.

After Xiao WuYi finished listening, he also came to realize the power of this advantage, and he immediately hugged Nie Xiao happily. “Daddy, this is indeed really great.”

“En.” Nie Xiao showed a smile.

Xiao Yan read the text message over and over, her eyes a little moist from all the emotion. She then looked at the date at the bottommost section, was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t help but exclaim:

“Today is actually May 1st!!!”


Everyone finally noticed the date, and they immediately looked towards the young boy beside Nie Xiao together.

Ning Feng checked the date again and was finally unable to hold back. He rushed over and hugged the youth who had yet to react.

“Little Labor, you really are a little lucky star. Today is truly a good day for reconciliation, this young grandpa will love you to death!!!”

Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi came to their senses at this time. If nobody said anything, the two of them wouldn’t have noticed what day it was today.

For a while, Xiao WuYi’s face was brimming with a brilliant smile. His two little dimples were sweet and cute, and his face was puffed in excitement.

“Then today is also the fourth anniversary of my meeting with Daddy!!!”

Nie Xiao looked at the youth, a trace of gentleness appearing in his eyes. It was really such a surprising coincidence that both events happened on the same day.

“Daddy, Baby is four years old now oh!!!”

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but rush into Nie Xiao’s arms as he stretched out four fingers and shook them. It was very adorable.

Nie Xiao instantly smiled softly and dotingly as he affectionately pinched the youth’s nose. “En, a fully grown, big baby.”

“Thanking Baby for coming to me.” Nie Xiao earnestly gazed at the teenager, speaking from the heart.

“Un, thank you too Daddy, for picking up Baby. Baby loves Daddy the most.”

Xiao WuYi stood on tiptoe and kissed Nie Xiao’s lips with a ‘puchi’.  With the other throwing himself in his embrace like this, Nie Xiao wasn’t able to hold back. He pressed the back of the youth’s head, directly deepening the kiss.

Dazzling the people around into blindness.

“FML, why do we have to suddenly eat dog food on this big day!!!”

Except for Possier, several pure-of-hearts’ faces were a bit red. Jiang Qiu watched the two kissing and yelled, “Fuckin- that’s enough, enough! Why don’t you take a look at the occasion ah! You know you’re in public but you still chuchuchu.”

“Nie Xiao, you old beast!!!”

Nie Xiao was in a better mood at the moment and was completely immune to scoldings. He confidently admitted to the title of being a beast, put his arm around his baby cub, flashed two rows of particularly spotless white teeth at everyone, and remarked a somewhat spank-inducing flaunting:

“What, envious?”

Everyone: “…” Ah, this arrogant beast.

“Those committing public displays of affection will be struck by lightning!”

“I’m not afraid.”



At that very moment, survivors scattered in every corner of the world heard the sounds of communication devices that still contained electricity from the streets, houses, and even from the zombies.

In an instant, these ringtones and vibrating sounds became an existence similar to the sounds of nature in this apocalypse.

It was unknown how many survivors have been carrying “useless” cellphones as a remembrance since the apocalypse began, turning them off to preserve battery, and then waiting until very late at night to turn them on again to have a look.

They have always been possessing a faint hope, praying for the moment when it would become “useful” again.

When the message popped up, tears immediately streamed from their eyes. At that moment, no one was alone any longer; there were a lot of people with them, working hard to live in this apocalypse.

They read the addresses of major bases detailed in the text message.

And all at once, the lone survivors scattered in every nook and cranny of the world all looked towards the direction of the base nearest to them.

On this day, mankind’s forces officially began to gather and unite.

The author has something to say: I wish you all a happy new year, all the best, and may your wishes come true!

Love you guys.

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Bai Mei who’s been reduced to ‘the others and everyone’: “…” My screen time QAQ

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