A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse - Chapter 36

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In the darkness of the night, the entire base was extremely quiet. The people in charge of night watch patrolled the walls of the base in groups.

A dark shadow quietly appeared on the balcony of Bai Mei’s bedroom. It appeared as if out of thin air, without anyone noticing it.

An intangible transparent cover enshrouded him, blocking all of the probing eyes from the surrounding area. Bai Mei walked into the transparent cover, and kneeled with one knee on the ground. He felt the heavy pressure coming from the man in black, and his cold sweat was flowing steadily in nervousness.

“My lord.”

Saath, dressed in a black robe, looked at the handsome man in front of him, his expression indifferent as usual. He stretched out a pale hand in preparation to dig out an ability core from Bai Mei’s brain.

However, before his fingertips could touch the forehead, he was interrupted by Bai Mei’s mouth.

“My lord, I… haven’t obtained an ability core yet.”

Bai Mei was perspiring cold sweat from head to toe as he actively admitted his mistake in an arduous tone. His head was bowed so low, he simply did not dare to lift it up.

Hearing this, Saath couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, staring deeply at Bai Mei’s pretty face. Among the group of zombie kings who had awakened their consciousness, he was actually quite optimistic about Bai Mei’s aptitude.

But now, it seems that he will have to reassess his judgement.

Bai Mei felt the stillness from the man in black, and thought that his death was approaching. He closed his eyes as if resigning to fate, he waited for the other party to directly take away the crystal nucleus and ability core from his head.

However, at this moment, Saath’s quantum brain suddenly flickered, and when he raised his hand to look, he was thoroughly pleased by the news displayed inside.

Looking at Bai Mei who was still kneeling on the ground, Saath suddenly stretched out his fingers and lifted up Bai Mei’s pretty face. Seeing the other’s eyelashes that were trembling due to fear, the corner of Saath’s lip raised in delight. As if he was bestowing great mercy, he said, “I’ll leave you be for the time being, but I hope that by the next time I come, you can give me the ability cores that you owe me many times over.”

“Don’t waste your Zombie King qualifications. You have absorbed a lot of low-level crystal nuclei, you should be more skilled at controlling the zombie tide and urging low-level zombies to evolve. With such a small and tattered base, you can simply bring over a couple of zombie tides as you please, then harvest countless ability cores without anyone ever knowing.”

“So, what are you hesitating for?”

Hearing his sore point being called out, Bai Mei lowered his head, his eyes seemingly filled with struggle and glistening teardrops.

In the end, Bai Mei put his hand on his chest and raised his eyes to look at Saath. He pursed his lips and spoke in an arduous, raspy voice.

“I will do my best in the future.”

Saath glanced at Bai Mei’s pleasing face with satisfaction. “Remember what you said.”

“I won’t be coming here for a while. I hope you won’t let me down again.”

After saying this, Saath’s figure disappeared into thin air, and three dark green glass tubes were left on the ground where he stood.

Bai Mei’s knees softened, and he sat completely paralyzed on the ground, staring blankly at the three dark green glass potions on the ground, his eyes empty. It was unknown what was going through his mind.


Everyone in the base was unaware of what happened on Bai Mei’s side.

At that very moment.

Nie Xiao and the little hamster have not yet fallen asleep. One person and one hamster were repairing their villa inside the space.

When all the pipelines and electric circuits were finally repaired, Nie Xiao collapsed to the ground tiredly.

Nie Xiao never expected that his grand number one mercenary title on the dark list would one day be reduced into a fitter, plumber, and an electrician expert…

“By the way, Daddy, our bedroom door still hasn’t been repaired yet!” Xiao WuYi looked at the bedroom door that was destroyed by Xie Jun and the others before, feeling a little sorry.

Nie Xiao had also forgotten this, but at the moment he really couldn’t make a door out of thin air. He thought about it and said, “Wait until tomorrow morning. We’ll ask Liu Dashan to help us build a solid wooden door and install it again.”

Xiao WuYi heard it and found it feasible. He then turned his attention to the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom. He cheerfully rushed in and opened the bathtub’s faucet.

“Wah! Daddy, water is really coming out!”

Hearing the youth’s shout of surprise, Nie Xiao’s lips couldn’t help but rise. He sat up from the ground and walked towards the bathroom.

For his cub to be this happy, his efforts were not in vain.

The water in the villa was drawn from the creek in the space. Moreover, there was no night in the space, so the water in the water tank on the roof was still hot from the sun.

Cold and hot water were both available. As for electricity, there was the humanoid generator Nie Xiao, so there was no need to worry.

In short, there were completely no problems with everyday life in the villa now.

Nie Xiao was equally quite satisfied with such results. When he walked into the bathroom, he saw the youth putting hot and cold water interchangeably in the bathtub while his hand was checking the temperature. He couldn’t help but wonder.

“Baby wants to take a bath?”

Xiao WuYi shook his head, then sweetly and fawningly looked at Nie Xiao. “It’s for Daddy to bathe in, Daddy has worked hard to repair the house!”

Nie Xiao suddenly felt a sense of relief like that of an old father’s ‘My family’s child has grown up’.

“Choubao is finally sensible!”

After preparing the bathwater for Nie Xiao, Xiao WuYi stood up and walked out. “Daddy can take his bath la, I’ll help you get your clothes.”

Nie Xiao watched the youth’s back as he closed the door and left. Feeling at ease, he took off his clothes and lay in the bathtub. Afterwards, it didn’t take long before the sound of rustling was heard from outside the frosted door.

“Baby, just leave the clothes outside!”


Hearing his well-behaved and cheerful answer, Nie Xiao closed his eyes, relaxed from head to toe, and enjoyed this rare bath time. However, at this moment, the frosted glass door was suddenly pushed open.

The youth stood naked at the door. Then he quickly jumped into the bathtub at a swift speed that didn’t give Nie Xiao any time to react, splashing a portion of the warm water on Nie Xiao’s face.

“Baby will take a bath with Daddy!”

Nie Xiao: “…”

In a split second, Nie Xiao’s entire face blushed down to the base of his neck. He immediately pulled off the big bath towel on the shelf, and wrapped the youth’s entire body.

However, Xiao WuYi, who entered the water, was like a slippery little fish. After two flops, he broke free of the bath towel.

“Daddy, do you want to rub me down with the towel?”

Xiao WuYi took the wet bath towel, looked at Nie Xiao with bright eyes, then stretched out his fair arm. He said happily, “Then Daddy can wipe it for me, and I’ll also help Daddy wipe later.”

Nie Xiao was dazzled by the shining white skin in front of him, and couldn’t help reaching out to wipe the water droplets on his face. Then he took the bath towel, which he used to cover the youth with earlier, and used it to cover his own lower-body instead, to preserve his remaining chastity.

“Is Daddy shy? But I’ve already clearly seen it all before! Oh, by the way, why are you so much bigger than me?”

Xiao WuYi looked down curiously at the honey juice part covered by the bath towel, and then at his own.

Nie Xiao covered his eyes and helplessly faced the sky.

Oh my Heavens, Earth, how can my child always say such tiger-wolf words while staring with that innocent face?

I’m not bathing anymore, I want out!

I can’t afford being a father.


Finally, after the bathing finished:

Nie Xiao felt exhausted.

The little hamster felt refreshed.

Early the next morning, Xiao WuYi rushed to the room downstairs to look for Liu Dashan and Xie Jun with a refreshed little face.

The others watched as the exhausted Nie Xiao came out of the room, and couldn’t help being confused.

Jiang Qiu looked Nie Xiao up and down, then suddenly, a frightening guess flashed through his mind. He looked up at the distant figure of the running youth and couldn’t help but swallow his saliva hard.

The little hamster boss is mighty and domineering.

On the contrary, Ning Feng didn’t notice anything wrong with Nie Xiao this morning, and excitedly announced his good news to everyone, “Hahaha, just last night, this Young Master’s ability has also awakened!”

With that said, Ning Feng transformed himself into a raging, burning little ball of flame. Xiao Yan, who was watching this scene, raised her eyebrows, then calmly and quietly transformed herself into ice and snow.

“I have also awakened and forgot to tell everyone.” Xiao Yan smiled bashfully.

Ning Feng felt his firepower diminish, and eventually, he changed back to his original state. Turning his head to look at Xiao Yan, he suddenly went to cry without tears, “Wuwuwu, why is your ability bullying me!!! I don’t want to live anymore!”

Duan Wenyu immediately rubbed the teenager’s head in amusement.

At that time, Xiao WuYi ran out of Xie Jun and Liu Dashan’s room, asking everyone with a puzzled face, “Xiao Junjun and Dashanshan are gone, has anyone seen them?”

“I remember that they hadn’t gone out this morning.”

“Then, where did they go?”

Everyone was doubtful and walked over to Xie Jun and Liu Dashan’s room. There was no sight of anyone in the bedroom, they only found an axe and a sledgehammer at the center of their beds.

“That’s weird. Those two never forget to take their weapons when they go out! So where did they go?” Wu Wenyu was immediately at a loss.

Everyone was also confused. They began to look for clues in the room of the two people when their noise seemed to alarm the two weapons on the bed.

Xie Jun’s voice, which sounded like he had just woken up, suddenly rang in the room.

“What are you looking for in here so early in the morning? Coming in without knocking as well!”

Everyone looked left and right until they ultimately fixed their eyes on the sledgehammer on the bed with shock.

“Ahhhhh, the sledgehammer spoke!”

The crowd screamed.

Xiao WuYi also covered his little face as he looked at the big hammer with surprise. “Daddy, this hammer is also a fairy like me!!!”

Xie Jun now noticed that there was something wrong with his body, and couldn’t help but say “fuck” several times until he finally struggled to change back to his human appearance from the “confusedly vibrating sledgehammer” form.

Xie Jun also felt the change in his ability core, and couldn’t help but hold his head, dumbfounded. “This awakening is a fart. I’ve transformed into a hammer myself, how will I use the hammer ah!”

After hearing this, everyone suddenly realized the issue, and they all started laughing without constraint.

Liu Dashan was also quite dumbfounded at this time. He never thought that when he woke up from sleep, he would become awakened and transform into an axe.

Watching this scene, Nie Xiao suddenly remembered Xiao Yan picking up little Mo Ye’s dagger before. Wu Wenqi, who was next to him, obviously thought of it as well, and was immediately a bit eager to try.

“Dashan, Xie Jun, you two, change back again.”

Hearing Wu Wenqi’s words, Xie Jun and Liu Dashan were a little confused but they still changed into their sledgehammer and axe forms according to his instructions.

Wu Wenqi took the initiative and stepped forward. Unexpectedly, he was able to easily pick up the big axe. Even Wu Wenqi himself was shocked.

“Woah, I actually picked it up!!”

Wu Wenqi waved the big axe twice and felt that it was fairly handy. He said at once, “Dashan, you’ll give me the right to use you from now on!”

Liu Dashan only felt dizzy with his head spinning, and was about to vomit out his gastric juices, “Can I refuse?”

Xie Jun on the side felt that everyone was coveting his iron body, and his entire hammer body instantly began to tremble.

“You guys be gentle ha!”

Everyone discovered Xie Jun and Liu Dashan’s novel usage, and one by one, they stepped forward enthusiastically to give it a try. However, apart from Wu Wenqi who was able to pick up the big axe, no one else was able to pick up the hammer nor the axe.

Just as Xie Jun was breathing a sigh of relief, Nie Xiao, who had been motionless, stepped forward and quite effortlessly picked up the sledgehammer.

Xie Jun who felt lightning and wind mingling on his body at that moment: “…”

It’s over, I’m going to have a cold.

The author has something to say:

【Small Theater 1】

Little hamster: In my space, no one will rescue Daddy even if you wear your throat out from shouting!

Nie Xiao: “…”

【Small Theater 2】

Nie Xiao: I can’t afford being a father.

Hua – Author Mother – Xi: Then I’ll arrange for you to be the husband?

The little hamster who raised his paws: Baby is willing!

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