A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse - Chapter 32

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After confirming that the two strange plants would not pose a threat to the little hamster, Nie Xiao became thoroughly assured. Soon after, he and the hamster left the space and slept peacefully till dawn.

When everyone woke up early the next morning, they started on building the base. Everyone decided to focus on the villa area on this hilltop first and then expand the scope outwards later on.

Everyone worked together to clean up all the zombies on this hill until none were left.

Wu Wenyu’s ability played a huge role in this endeavor. However, her defensive shield could not be opened at all times, thus, Wu Wenqi made use of his soil ability to build a towering perimeter wall at the foot of the hill.

Completely isolating the villa area on the hilltop, turning it into a vacuum zone with zero zombies.

At that very moment, everyone wasn’t being idle either, with each putting their own strengths into full play and being responsible for their own affairs. Xiao WuYi, on the other hand, had become a brick of the base, moving where he was requested to move.

Rubbing his gradually thinning little cheeks, Xiao WuYi deeply felt the heartache and body pains of raising a family.

Similarly, Bai Mei, the other spatial ability user, wasn’t idle and nearly everything in his inventory had been contributed.

The little hamster looked at Bai Mei and suddenly felt that he had found a brother during these times of hardships. “Bai Meimei, don’t you feel body pains?”

Bai Mei looked at the naive and ignorant young boy in front of him and gently showed a faint smile, “It’s not bad. After the base is built, more and more ability users and ordinary survivors will be found, then there will be more people. We can collect much more supplies at that time.”

Xiao WuYi didn’t realize the underlying meaning in Bai Mei’s words and innocently sent Bai Mei a good person card, “Then baby will also learn your ways.”

At the side, Nie Xiao and Jiang Qiu observed this scene calmly. Bai Mei didn’t act abnormally, and they could not observe any more than this for the time being, so they could only constantly pay attention to him and monitor him in case he acts suspicious.

In the end, it took a whole day until the top of the hill was finally successfully isolated. Afterwards, cleaning up the remains of the zombies became the most troublesome thing for everyone, causing them to become even more aware of the shortage of manpower.

Xiao WuYi was also exhausted from running around. Looking at the scene before him, he suddenly remembered the Man-eating vines and Overlord Flower in his space and faintly felt that these remains might be turned into their nourishment.

Thinking about this, Xiao WuYi eagerly rushed to Nie Xiao and said, “Daddy, can I let Huahua and them come out?”

“They can clean up here neatly.”

When everyone heard this, they immediately looked over in curiosity.

Nie Xiao thought about it for a bit. He felt that sooner or later those couldn’t be hidden anymore and it might be better to reveal it earlier. He nodded in agreement.

Rubbing the youth’s head, he said warmly, “It’s okay to let them out, but you can’t let them hurt anyone.”

“Okay!” Xiao WuYi happily promised.

After that, everyone saw emerald green vines and gorgeous huge flowers come out from Wuyi’s body. Two plants that were depressed and about to break down were like huskies whose leashes were let go of. They pierced the soil the moment they were released and took root.

Everyone became wide-eyed and their jaws dropped as they watched this scene.

Nie Xiao coughed slightly and helped explain, saying, “Actually, I didn’t know until last night that he had this ability.”

Everyone looked at the brutal plants that swept away the remains of the zombies in just mere minutes. Apart from it being shocking, it was also convincing.

“You casually raise a child and he’s also a dual-ability user?” Jiang Chou felt very bewildered, Nie Xiao’s luck can really end anyone.

The child, Nana, was also quite pleasantly surprised at the moment. She happily ran to Wu Yi and played with the Man-eating Vines and the Overlord Flower. The two plants also liked the adorable little girl in front of them.

“It turns out that Brother WuYi also has plant ability. No wonder Nana likes to follow him like a little tail.” Brother Kangkang looked at this scene and couldn’t help feeling sour in his heart.

The two plants didn’t want to go back into the space again. Their flourishing root system designated the entire hill as their territory, making it more difficult for the zombies to approach and becoming a natural barrier.

Through the senses of the Man-eating Vines and the Overlord Flower, Nana could also observe the various scenery of the surrounding hills and fields better and more comprehensively, and she can now give everyone timely warnings.

Ning Feng couldn’t help but look back at their entire team at this time and suddenly realized a very remarkable fact, “We’re practically an all-purpose organization who has all the necessities whether for daily living or travels.”

“Look, now we almost have all types of abilities with us! There’s someone to take care of the food, the water, the fire, the defense, the metal… It’s simply fate that brought us together ah!” Ning Feng counted with his fingers. “If we can’t build this base, then that would be really strange.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this. They looked at the people around them and realized that this was indeed the case. They immediately became overjoyed.

Night had fallen, and the initial phase of establishing the small base had already been done. Tomorrow, they would be going out together to gather resources and conduct a search and rescue for survivors.

Tonight, Xiao WuYi and Nie Xiao would still be sleeping in the same bedroom. The young boy was lying on the bed when he suddenly remembered that there was still another big treasure in his little storage, he couldn’t help but look at Nie Xiao beside him.

“Daddy, do you want to take a bath?”

Nie Xiao had simply scrubbed with a towel earlier. He couldn’t help but look over, confused with the question, “What’s wrong, do you want to bathe again?”

He clearly remembered that the little guy had turned back into a little hamster earlier and had already bathed in the strawberry-flavored sand bath. His whole body was now full of strawberry fragrance, clean and tidy.

“Un! I want to bathe in hot water with Daddy!”

Nie Xiao’s face turned red once again, “No.”

Nie Xiao really didn’t know how his son could always hold an extremely innocent face while speaking very impure things.

“Now, we don’t have the prerequisites for that. If you still want to wash, go find Ning Feng or Duan Wenyu by yourself.”

“There are!”

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but interrupt. He looked at Nie Xiao in the dark with an embarrassed blush on his face.

“Actually… the baby secretly moved all the bathing stuff from grandpa headmaster’s school. As long as Daddy installs it in our house, we can take a hot bath at home!”

Nie Xiao: “…”

Afterwards, Nie Xiao entered XiaoWuYi’s space and saw the complete set of solar energy heaters that the young boy had placed on the grass, as well as the generator that could be used by an entire dormitory building.

Such large-scale equipment completely surpassed Nie Xiao’s expectations. He looked back at his little fairy and said earnestly and sincerely, “Baby, this is too big a device for only our use. It’s too extravagant. Also, it wouldn’t fit inside our villa.”

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed hearing this, “Huh? What to do then? Baby wants to take a bath with Daddy.”

Nie Xiao directly ignored the proposal to take a bath together. He took a closer look at the hot water equipment and thought about it. “Tomorrow, let’s have Headmaster Yuan and the other students take a look and see if they can reinstall this to the villa outside. Everyone would be able to take a shower then.”

“It’s inconvenient for Duan Wenyu to add water to the containers every day.”

“So we can’t do it in our own home?” Xiao WuYi looked at the big villa that he moved into his space, feeling a little sad and disappointed, “Baby wants to take a bath with Daddy in our own home. Did the baby break our home when he moved it?”

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but feel relieved when he heard this. He had carefully checked the infrastructure of the villa when he entered. Although the house’s foundations were indeed shifted, the pipelines, electric circuits, and so on weren’t as gravely severed as he thought.

Nie Xiao had thought up a rough estimate and concluded that this house in the space could be restored. He could not help but turn his head to the young boy and say, “Tomorrow, when we go outside to gather supplies, I’ll see if we can find a set of solar energy heaters designated for houses and a small scale generator, then Daddy will come back to the space and install it for you.”

“Let’s fix our home together.”

“Really?” Xiao WuYi immediately raised his head in happiness and threw himself into Nie Xiao’s arms. “Then we can take a bath at home together!”

Nie Xiao who lifted a rock and smashed himself in the foot: “…”

Ah, a miscalculation.


Duan Wenyu and Ning Feng, who had been tired after the day, were not asleep yet as well. Ning Feng raised the flame on the palm of his hand to help Duan Wenyu by illuminating the tabletop.

Duan Wenyu took a pen. In addition to copying the 《Survivor Pact》 that he previously wrote at Harbin Airport, he also carefully and comprehensively formulated a lot of trivial and detailed rules for the base. He listed all of the restrictions and social conventions and taboos that might arise.

Ning Feng merely glanced at it for a bit, and was impressed, prostrating himself in admiration, “Ge, you are so thorough with this!”

“It’s best to set the rules and regulations early, otherwise, management will be troublesome when more people come pouring in later.” Duan Wenyu pushed his glasses up and sighed in a weary manner. “In any case, I can’t trust other people with this. Sigh, I’m just exhausted!”

Ning Feng immediately extinguished the flame in his hand, and flatteringly hammered Duan Wenyu’s shoulder, “Ge, jiayou! Fighting!”

Duan Wenyu raised his head in the dark at this time and glanced at Ning Feng, face showing traces of harboring evil designs. “Actually, it’s very simple if you want to thank me. I kind of want to try a function of my ability right now”

Ning Xiao Feng suddenly felt a chill behind his back.


Thus, early in the morning of the next day.

Everyone successively saw, not only the hot water equipment taken out by Nie Xiao and Wuyi, but also the rules and regulations written by Duan Wenyu, as well as Ning Xiao Feng whose skin were smooth and supple from head to toe.

The joy and excitement brought by what the first two had taken out weren’t as eye-catching as the changes that emerged on Ning Xiao Feng alone.

Xiao Yan, Wu Wenyu, and several other female students couldn’t help but go over in astonishment and pinch Ning Feng’s soft and supple, fair skin. “Oh my god, it’s only been a night, what happened that made you so moisturized?!!”

“Pei, don’t create confusion using words!” Ning Feng’s face was flushed, full of bitter tears of indignation. “Blame Duan Wenyu, that bastard, for experimenting with me. He ruined my body and mind with his water ability!”

Duan Wenyu beside him, pushed his glasses up and added, all smiles, “In fact, I was mobilizing the water molecules in his body, and simply helped him get a beauty treatment in passing. I just wanted to test if my ability can do this and it turned out that it can.”

In nature, water occupies the bulk of an organism, making Duan Wenyu’s ability an invincible weapon.

Of course, it was an effective weapon of beauty, not of murder.

Xiao Yan’s heart was moved when she heard this. She touched her skin that was drying a bit these days. “Then after I come back, give me smooth glowing skin too!”

“Ahh! I want it too!”

Duan Wenyu, who became a friend of the women in an instant, readily agreed with a smile. He could just use this opportunity to temper his control over his ability.

Ning Feng almost cried looking at this bustling scene.

Xiao WuYi standing by the side, watching, curiously ran over to join in the fun. But soon after, he was ruled out by a group of female students.

That tender skin full of collagen has no need for an acquired bonus at all.

In the end, Xiao WuYi could only stand with Ning Feng and pat Ning Feng on the shoulder. He sighed and said comfortingly, “It’s a pity he did not do it to me. My daddy really likes rubbing my face. Yuyu-gege will also like you more in the future.”

Nie Xiao: “…” I do not.

Ning Feng: “…” I refuse.

Other people: Oh~ what a big bite of melon seed.

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