A Dragon among the Stars

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy

Chapters: 76

Last update: 23 days ago

4.9 /5

Kiel Davis. A 48 year old man, who works for a leading tech company as chief mechanic. Supposedly, he only live for the sake of his wife and daughter, until through a series of coincidence, not only have he learned of his tragic past. He even got transported to another world. A world of Cultivation and Martial arts.Lost in his new found world. Will he be able to go back to his beloved family?Hello guys. This is my first novel and I would appreciate the support and any feedback. Bear with me and correct me if there are mistakes, I would be grateful for that. Thanks a lot guys, happy reading.PS. After a year, I was able to find the time to continue the series. Though I might not be able to update it from time to time since I'll be graduating this year. Most of my time will be spent for school related things. But even so, I would do my best update chapters!Thank you and sorry.Happy Reading

A Dragon among the Stars