A devil may cry fanfic - Chapter 166

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Son- . . . fuck I mean Nero

. . . . . Id actually answer to either whats up?

Was it you or Dante that taught the feral beast its odd tricks?

. . . dad hes a fuckin lap dog I just taught it high five and sit . . . but to be fair I doubt I actually taught it jack shit since like that fucker opens doors on its own

. . . I dont doubt that but seriously what in fathers name is this beast u cannot sense demonic energy from it

. . . I legit dont know and I didnt care enough to question it, plus it and lil where kinda a package deal

. . . she named it? Id expect something more cutesy since she seems like that type

Nah Dante did she sucks at boy names
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. . . - . - oh it was a reference and a mockery . Can you tell me how to make it stop harassing me or like me because it would piss her off if I yeeted it into a portal

You learned normal words I feel oddly proud

She kept saying it while using a throw attack on me while we were playing video games I assume it means throwing something

. . . your trying thats all that matters . . . oh no


I think Cerberus just became besties with shadow or he convinced him to shit on your coat while he pisses on it


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