Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses - Chapter 814

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Chapter 814: Become Fernans’ Neighbor

At the school gate.

Before Lilia could get into the car, she saw Pei Yunge waiting for someone at the door.

Her eyes darkened as she clenched her fists instinctively and muttered, “Is she really our school’s… exchange student?”

How could this be??


It was only when the driver called her that Lilia regained her senses and got into the car.

However, along the way, she kept thinking about Pei Yunge’s appearance in Nili University.

Pei Yunge circled around Nili University for a long time before she reached the south gate.

Unfortunately, Shang Yan got Nie Yu to come and fetch her. The car was parked at the north gate, so he could only come to fetch her after going around half of Nili University.


A black car stopped in front of her. Nie Yu rolled down the window and called respectfully, “Elder Young Miss.”

However, Pei Yunge looked at the cigarette in her hand for a long time and asked lazily, “Assistant Nie, do you want a cigarette?”

Nie Yu’s eyelid twitched. “You’re… too polite.”

Pei Yunge got into the car and casually put the cigarette aside.

This was the cigarette the student had placed under her portrait just now.

“Who… gave you this cigarette?”

As Nie Yu drove, he asked carefully.

Pei Yunge replied without thinking, “A student from Nili University.”

Nie Yu was speechless.

This student was actually more like a working adult than him.

He didn’t even have the guts to pass Pei Yunge a cigarette.

Because he was following Shang Yan, Nie Yu also knew that Pei Yunge was the heir of the Higgins family. He also roughly knew that Pei Yunge had a close relationship with the A.M. Computing Institute.

Besides, if Old Mr Nance liked her, then Pei Yunge was definitely not an ordinary person.

“Miss, are you going to the corporation?” Nie Yu asked.

Those old people in the corporation had long wanted to see who the new heir was.

After all, they had always thought that Nance was ready to leave this seat for Shang Yan. However, they never thought that this old fellow would change his mind.

“No, I want to rest.”

With that said, Nie Yu nodded. “Then I’ll send you back to rest first. When you came to Nili, the old gentleman had already prepared a place for you.”

Hearing this, Pei Yunge hummed calmly and thought of nothing else.

However, when she was about to arrive, Pei Yunge realized that something was wrong.

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Wasn’t this road leading to Basian Manor?

Pei Yunge asked, “Where do I stay?”

“Bacton Manor.”

Nie Yu lifted the corners of his lips and said with a smile, “Nili has two private noble manors. One is the Bacton manor and the other is the Basian manor. Oh, the Basian manor is beside Miss’s manor.”

The other noble manors had been converted to tour areas. The newly built manors or villas could not compare to those of Bacton and Basian.

Pei Yunge said, “… Yeah.”

Seeing that Pei Yunge did not seem interested in where she lived, Nie Yu did not say anything more.

Until they arrived at Bacton Manor.

Pei Yunge stepped on the marble tiles. The ceiling was covered by rose-colored painted windows. Not far away, there were stone decorative carvings and classical-looking peacock porches. Even the oaken hall in the living room was made up of oaken planks in art exhibitions.

This was the attitude of the upper class in R Nation towards life.

“Miss Pei, I’m the butler here. My name is Sun Xiaoqi.”

An old man walked towards Pei Yunge and said gently, “Old Master Nance specially transferred her here.”

“Thank you, Butler Sun.”

Pei Yunge nodded and said with a smile, “I want to go to the bedroom first.”

“Okay, Miss, please come with me.”

Seeing the noble aura in Pei Yunge’s eyes, she looked very much like the owner of this manor.

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