Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses - Chapter 813

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Chapter 813: Fire Professor Bresse!

Hearing Si Chengyan say this, the rest of the people looked at each other.

Then, a professor immediately said, “Professor Si, don’t worry. Our country’s academic field and political field are very different.”

“We really hope to get a chance to work with Y.G. and are willing to protect Y.G.’s safety.”

As the top institute in the world, Nili University’s status was purely academic, and their reputation would not tarnish because of its leaders.

“That’s good.”

Si Chengyan’s eyebrows relaxed and he replied gently, “Then I’ll have to trouble everyone. If there’s a chance in the future, I hope to work with your school.”

After Si Chengyan settled Pei Yunge’s matter, the Mathematics Department professor told the Principal about this.

The Principal’s expression did not look too good and he immediately looked for Professor Bresse.

Professor Bresse was called to the Principal’s office again. He thought that the students from Country A had said something and could not help feeling sarcastic.

However, when he pushed open the office door, he realized that the principal’s gaze on him was a little scary.

It was Professor Bresse’s first time seeing the Principal look at someone like this…

“Principal, are you looking for me?” Professor Bresse’s tone could not help but soften.

However, in the next moment…

The Principal smashed the teacup on the floor and stood up angrily, ignoring the two Mathematics Department professors beside him.

“What class were you having in the afternoon?!”

Professor Bresse’s smile froze. “It’s a Chemistry class. Why? I was just joking with those children. Do you have to be so angry, Principal?”

“Just joking?! Just joking? Just find a place where you can joke around! Leave our Nili University!”

The moment the Principal said this, Professor Bresse’s expression changed!

He realized the severity of this matter!

But he didn’t do anything to those students. Why was the Principal so angry?!

“Principal, I’m an old professor of Nili University. Are you going to fire me?” Professor Bresse was in disbelief.

The Principal regretted it.

If he had fired Bresse earlier, he wouldn’t have offended Y.G. either.

“What right do you have to be a professor at Nili University like this?! I already warned you last time, and you still dare to discriminate against students?!”

The Principal was dizzy from anger as he gritted his teeth. “I didn’t teach you a lesson back then! Get lost now and leave our Nili University!!”

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It was the first time the Principal got someone to leave the school.

It was obvious that he was angry.

However, Professor Bresse did not understand why the Principal was so angry.

“Principal, why? Just because I joked with those students in class?”

The Mathematics Department professors beside them could not help but close their eyes.

Were you f*cking kidding me?

Was he joking in front of Y.G.??

Fortunately, although Y.G. was young, she didn’t cause a scene. Otherwise, it would be difficult for Bresse to work in the industry in the future. How could it be as simple as being fired from school?

“You shall leave today. Pack your things and leave Nili University.” The Principal’s expression was dark, as if he was determined to make Bresse leave.

After all, how many connections and favors had he spent to get Y.G. to come to Nili University?

But this fellow was good enough to make Y.G. reject their Nili University!

He did not fight with this fellow because he cared about his reputation!


The students of Country A received an electronic apology letter personally written by the Principal and a notice to dismiss Professor Bresse.

The reason was written clearly. They were also deliberately suppressing people like Professor Bresse.

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