Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses - Chapter 735

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Chapter 735: If It’s Yunyun, Can I?

Pei Yunge really didn’t know what to do with him and could only continue to reason. “Then should I go back with you?”

Hearing this.

The man finally let go of Pei Yunge. His aggressive aura had mostly dissipated, but he was still holding her hand.

With her right hand held, it was not convenient for Pei Yunge to take the money. She searched Huo Shidu’s pocket and took out a black leather wallet.

She placed a few notes on the bar counter.

However, after she left, Pei Yunge suddenly regained her senses. “Older Brother, you didn’t react at all when I took your wallet?”

Huo Shidu glanced at her lazily before he turned around. “Mm.”

Pei Yunge was speechless.

However, to Pei Yunge, this was a rather serious problem.


Pei Yunge went in front of Huo Shidu and blocked him before looking up, saying seriously, “Brother, you can’t give this to anyone else.”

After some thought, she added, “The things in the wallet are used to exchange for important things. You can’t just…”

Before Pei Yunge could finish speaking, she was stuffed with a black leather wallet by Huo Shidu without warning.

She was bewildered.

She looked up instinctively and happened to meet the man’s inexplicably attractive dark eyes. It was only then that she realized that the man’s eyes were slightly red.

The corners of his lips lifted and his hands naturally wrapped around the girl’s slender waist, pressing her into the corner. He was extremely aggressive.

She could hear his charming voice and low and hoarse laughter, making him look incredibly sexy. “If it’sYunyun, can I?”

At this moment, Pei Yunge’s entire body was tense.

However, the man even nuzzled her neck lightly. Every action of his was stimulating her senses and it was unbearable. “Yunyun, you smell so good.”

In that moment, Pei Yunge tensed up completely.

This time, she really made this man drink too much. It was even vodka.

“Don’t speak later.”

Pei Yunge’s voice was a little hoarse because of him. She licked her lips unconsciously and pulled him into the private room.

It was unknown if Huo Shidu was listening.

However, it was indeed more awkward outside.

Back in the private room.

Pei Yunge suddenly found something wrong.

Who had kicked Yu Hanran?

Where did the footprints come from?


Yu Hanran was still in a deep sleep and did not know what had happened.

Only Ceng Xu felt agitated and afraid as his eyelids twitched.

After Miss Pei went out just now, Master Du suddenly stood up and kicked President Yu, who had done nothing.

Then he went out to do something.

Now he had an answer; he was going to look for Miss Pei.

However, seeing Yu Hanran get kicked just now, Ceng Xu did not dare to follow Huo Shidu.

This was really something extremely unexpected that Huo Shidu did after his first drink.

“What happened to President Yu?”

Pei Yunge thought for a moment and still cared about Yu Hanran.

Everyone glanced behind Pei Yunge, their postures languid as they glanced at their Huo Shidu calmly, not daring to speak.

Wen Jiuwan was stunned.

She could not understand why Huo Shidu wanted to hit Yu Hanran.

In the next second.

Huo Shidu pulled Pei Yunge to his seat and sat down, ignoring Yu Hanran’s life and death.

At this moment, Ceng Xu started to hesitate.

Did Master Du kick President Yu just now because Miss Pei was sitting beside President Yu?

Ceng Xu, who seemed to know the truth, was speechless.

In the future, he must stay away from Miss Pei and cherish his life.

“I’ll call President Yu’s secretary.”

Ceng Xu said immediately.

Wen Jiuwan hesitated for a moment before she glanced at Huo Shidu. In the end, she pursed his lips and fell silent.

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